Ordinary Miracles

ordinary 7Doing our year without supermarkets has taught us a great deal and one of the HUGE life changing discovery that we will take with us for the rest of our journey in the world is the presence of what we have started to think of as ‘Ordinary Miracles’. These have been going on all around us all throughout our lives but somehow our journey of supermarket freeness has given us the time and space to see the ordinary miracles all around us. That’s not to say we didn’t see them before but now we actually seek them out.

ordinary 6The inspiration for the post came from a little caterpillar we have become very fond of. This caterpillar was first sighted a wee while ago on some herbs we have in a jar from Da’s garden. We saw him and Lizzie held him and he has been a guest in our house for a while. He has been living on a jug. Now you may be thinking that we are being cruel and should have put him outside but…… the thing is just like the very hungry caterpillar he is making his transition into moth or butterflydom. The miracle is happening right in front of our eyes and it is a breathtaking sight that we see every time we do the washing up. This is an ordinary miracle. Ordinary in the fact that this type of transformation goes on all the time but when you stop to think it is a miracle. Another miracle is a local spiders’ web that has survived the windiest of windy times. You see spiders’ webs all over the shop and mostly (especially on the living room ceiling) they are seen as a pest but…… they are ordinary miracles too.

So strong it survived the storm

So strong it survived the storm

Lizzie a year ago

Lizzie a year ago

Everyday we are delighted to hear Lizzie attempt to say new words and do new things. These little steps are ordinary miracles – ordinary in that they happen regularly but miracles none the less.

Lizzie now

Lizzie now

We have blogged about Becksie’s lovely Nana many times as we miss her a lot but another ordinary miracle is despite missing each other by a few weeks how very very similar Lizzie is to Nana. Everyday Lizzie does something that is so like Nana or sounds so much like her that we are amazed – this is an ordinary miracle that we are so grateful for.

Nana on her wedding day - we are told her bouquet was made of red carnations

Nana on her wedding day – we are told her bouquet was made of red carnations

Apples the most ordinary of miracles

Apples, the most ordinary of miracles

Ordinary Miracles are literally everywhere and somehow stepping in a slightly different direction has helped us to see them and stop and view them. We of course wish we could claim credit for the term ‘Ordinary Miracle’ but we can’t, we don’t know who should be credited but we do know a song all about them from the film ‘Charlotte’s Web’ which is based on the most beautiful and wonderful children’s book that we can’t wait to read to Lizzie. So sit back for 3 minutes and enjoy this most lovely of songs and then go and spot some ordinary miracles today.


13 thoughts on “Ordinary Miracles

  1. Beautiful post. Thank you. We have lovely spider webs outside too and we never disturb them. Inside spiders and centipedes dwell at their own risk. May I say again how beautiful your daughter is? She brings joy to my heart every time you post her picture. Has she named the caterpillar yet? She will love Charlotte’s web when you read it to her, our children loved it too.

    Keep up the great website.

  2. What a beautiful post Becksie…and I would add another “miracle” of a lovely young couple and child who have connected with total strangers to make a highlight in their day….big hug to you all as you come to the end of your “year” but not the end of a lovely friendship xx

  3. Another brilliant post. What willI I read everyday after Nov 5th? I think when we see miracles in the ‘ordinary’ the world is such a better place.
    I see supermarkets are in the news yet again. Amazingly they have regularly been in the news throughout your year. I don’t think any of the news has been good. Horse, Price Fixing, False deals, Bad treatment of staff, Waste and now unfair price comparisons.
    What more need one say.

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