What a Pickle

Do you ever watch tv chefs and think ……. ‘That’ll never work?’ so to prove your point you try it out and discover an absolute gem? Becksie does on a regular basis!

pickle 4The other day Becksie watched her other husband (that’s Jamie Oliver) making pickles. It was so simple that Becksie thought ‘that won’t work’! So this morning whilst Lizzie ate her breakfast Becksie (whilst chatting to Lizzie about its sure failure) made some. She left them whilst they went out and after lunch she tried a sneaky tester! Turns out old Jaime is right and they are AWESOME and so simple! If Becksie had have thought this out she would have realised that her lovely Nana used to do a similar thing! Ok…..

pickle 1

pickle 5Take an airtight jar and some vegetables! Chop the veg into bite size pieces.

pickle 2

pickle 3Fill the jar with half water and half vinegar. Remember to consider the vegetables will need room so don’t fill to the top. For the size of jar we used we added 1 teaspoon of salt and one of sugar. Stir.pickle 6

Add the vegetables and other flavours you fancy, we added mustard seed. Seal and leave for a few hours!

pickle 4Munch and crunch your way through the pot which we have stored in the fridge!  Thanks Jamie!


8 thoughts on “What a Pickle

  1. Our family ‘recipe ‘ of this kind is slice up some cucumber and an onion in a bowl, cover with vinegar and leave to soak! It’s brilliant with salad, cold meat. My especial favourite is to make it into a sandwich with lots of butter! Yum! Eat it the day you make it but do give it a few hours to soak! Never tried the Jamie one, looks like a good one to add to the Xmas cold table! Thank you.

  2. Looks fab, well done. I was having the same thoughts watching HFW on the new River Cottage series the other day (not that he would be my second husband – that those recipies wouldnt work) he was making Blackcurrant Curd and it just sounded a bit wrong somehow. On the other hand he was also making Blackcurrant Liquer and that sounded much more my style…………

    My favourite Choc Fudge recipie is one by Lorraine Pascall (its her Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge and it so yummy I cant describe it!), I watched her making it on telly a couple of years ago and thought it couldnt be that easy (wasnt sure about putting the marshmallows in), sure enough its the easiest fudge ever!
    Yay TV chefs.

  3. It sounds yummy as do the other poster’s recipies! Jamie does think of some really good labour saving ideas doesn’t he? He roast some pork a whilHFWe back and simply put some unpeeled eating applies in the oven next to the meat for apple sauce! What a great idea. HFW would be my second husband, but he’d have to grow his hair again! I’ll find that Lorraine Pascall recipie too, gotta have a few treats in life!

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