Decorators need ice lollies

lolly 5Today Team Pugh have started the task of redecorating the living room! Since getting the new sofa the previous shade of a very pale green didn’t look so good. When we first got the sofa we chose the colour and as our curtains had been custom made (well altered by Mammar) we decided to dye them from sage green to a deep purple. We were nervous but it was a success so all that remained was the painting!

We didn’t want to start as we were also nervous about getting paint on the carpet so….. As Lizzie napped today, Ian prepared the room and Becksie went to Millets to do our penultimate shop of our challenge.

lolly 3Painting is going well but we can’t yet  tell you about the shopping as there is no space to photograph it! Our house is a state and dinner was a humble jacket spud with cheese and beans! But what to have for pudding? Every decorating daddy and lovely tiddley human needs an ice lolly! So enter our zuko!!

lolly 1This might seem like a product review and it is but its not one we’ve been asked or paid to do its simply a glowing report of a gadget we think is really good!

lolly 6You freeze the Zuko and then when its frozen remove it from the freeze and add juice, yogurt, milk, fruit etc etc to the molds which freezes it into perfect lollies in about 10 minutes! Its genius and means that small folk can have a ready, healthy and cheap lollies on hand! Its also easy to clean and great as it fills a gap in the freezer should you need to do atop up batch cook and it can be removed and stored in a draw when one has no space!

lolly 7 It gets a thumbs up from us and in the few years we have owned it we have used it A LOT unlike many other kitchen gadgets! Also the sticks are reusable so it generates no rubbish!

lolly 8We hope everyone survives the storms that are forecast – we guess this should have been a hot chocolate post but in typical Team Pugh style we are defying convention. Stay safe folks!


8 thoughts on “Decorators need ice lollies

  1. Gosh they are lovely!!! I never knew such a thing existed, and such a nice way to get vitamins into family!! One of those is on my Christmas list for sure!! x

  2. Sounds great! Sadly only good if you have a chest freezer I suspect (and not just a crappy little fridge freezer like us…). My ultimate kitchen fantasy involves one of those massive fully automatic ice-cream makers that doesn’t have to go in the freezer 😀

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