Housework Club

house work club 4Mammar and Becksie both hate (but secretly like) housework FACT!

Mammar and Becksie both feel like they have lots of housework to do!

Da and Lizzie doing 10 minutes each

Da and Lizzie doing 10 minutes each

Mammar has a saying ‘if we all do ten minutes thats ?? (10 times the amount of folk involved) minutes work.

house work club 1So using that principle we have formed a club – we meet once a week and help each other with housework. We started today with an Autumn clean (that’s just like a spring clean only the leaves are orange not green) in Mammars kitchen. We worked VERY hard and Mammar now has a shiny, gleaming kitchen.

house work club 3Mammar and Becskie are tired!

Next on the list Becksie’s kitchen??house work club 2

house work club 6In other news Ian found a fabulous book on its travels for Lizzie. It’s a classic that both Ian and Becksie enjoyed as children so we look forward to reading it to Lizzie before sending it back on its travels!house work club 7

Happy weekend folks x