A Frosty Warning

frosty 7As you know for a while Becksie has been getting into gardening! She lovingly watered her pots during the hot times and has weeded her garden every week and even taken cuttings!

frosty 2

frosty 5Now the cuttings were taken under Da’s careful instruction and are going well! Becksie has always like geraniums as they remind her of being little and going to Da’s huge greenhouse at his old work. So sitting in pots outside are red geranium cuttings, white ones and pink ones! The garden and the cuttings are going so well in fact that a few weeks back Da even exclaimed he was quote ‘proud’ unquote of Becksie’s efforts! This exclamation is note worthy not because it’s unusal for Da to say he is proud of Becksie, Ian, Lizzie, Leah and Liam. Infact Da very often throughout our lives tells us he is proud of us for a multitude of things BUT he has NEVER previously had cause to be proud of Becksie’s garden! In short Becksie’s garden has mostly been a source of frustration! A cycle of doom that we (Becksie) has finally broken!!! You see Da would do our garden, give us plants and instructions and after a month our garden would be back to square one! Those days, however are gone!!!! Our borders are weeded, our strawberry plants are ready to face winter and the winter daisy’s are waiting in the wings to take the front flower basket!

frosty 6Earlier in the week Da did a garden inspection and issued a warning about how as we head into November we should bring our geraniums inside in order to help them survive the winter!  We of course listened but in the midst of a busy week so far we have failed to bring our geranium babies inside!

frosty 1

This morning we woke up and Becksie did her daily weather check only to move the curtain and see what she thought was frost! Well….. let us tell you, panic set in as we presumed our geranium babies to be dead – having been killed by the frost! Oh no! A rub of the eyes and a moment or two more of conscious thought showed us it was more mist than fog and Becksie’s heart rate (Jenny this incident counts as exercise) started to decrease!

frosty 4So….. today we have brought in our Geraniums ready for winter and considered this mist as a ‘frosty warning’ that has saved our geraniums! Phew!

frosty 3

frosty 8In other news today Jessica and Jake are 5 years old!!! How time flies. Today also would have been the 50th birthday of someone who played a huge part in Becksie’s life a few years ago – this post is dedicated to him, the most beautiful of folk!


2 thoughts on “A Frosty Warning

  1. Well done Becksie, I brought mine in last weekend so you’re not too far behind. That is the cuttings, and this years plants to over winter as last year. My window sills are stuffed! However I have so far failed to plant a large bag of daffodil bulbs. I’m always late with planting bulbs for some reason.Hope to do them after my weekend away! Going for my seaside breather at my daughters, it will be a weekend of cake and chat and knitting (she’s a bit like you Becksie when it comes to knitting!) so I hope to spur her on.also hope to walk along the beach but the weather doesn’t look too good for that! Have a lovely weekend all of you.👭

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