No News Day

no news 2

A picture from our first ever post

Yesterday marked a year since our first ever year without supermarkets post. We should have posted about this yesterday but of course food waste in the news had to take the slot. As we think back to how our year has changed us we feel a sense of achievement and pride that it is near completion. We are 50 shops into the project and have saved £830 on our £50 weekly budget and goodness only knows how much by getting rid of our top up shop habit. We have gained so much financially but also a HUGE amount more than this. We are almost getting emotional and must start to plan our project end news 1

no news 4So where are we at today…….. well we need to tell you about shop number 50. A total spend of £16.80. Some awesome bargain mushrooms – £2.00 for the tray! And……. yes we had to buy eggs this week. It seems the girls seem to have once again forgotten they are chickens and one of their main functions is to lay eggs!

We also feel the need to share the new game we have been playing today. It’s called ‘put the washing out, take the washing in’!! Today we have played several rounds of this game to only end up with (drum roll please) wet washing! To make ourselves feel better we have been drinking milky coffee, eating ginger parkin and doing stomach crunches! In short it is a no news day. So it’s a classic post of lets tell you what we’ve had for tea……..

no news 7Stuffed mushrooms, homemade chips (pips as Lizzie calls them) and homemade coleslaw – yummy! The mushrooms were stuffed with onion, bacon, garlic, rosemary and cheese and are so simple. Simply fry the chopped bacon, onion, garlic and rosemary. Place the mixture in the mushrooms and put them in an ovenproof dish with a good glug of olive oil. Top with cheese and breadcrumbs and bake in a hot oven for about 30 minutes! To once again quote Lizzie ‘TAAASSTTY’!

Over and Out!

PS – GBBO prediction from us goes to Kimberly. We were team Becca from the start so were sad when she went but…….. it would be rude not to watch it until the end! May the best woman win.