All that glitters aint gold!

This blog post is more personal therapy than a blog post – apologies!jenny 3

As you know Becksie has a passion for purchasing second hand chairs! As you also know this often causes more stress than it is worth! Well……. guess what she’s done it again! Except this one is a really strange situation and quite the reverse to the normal issue we have with second hand chairs!

Our final family sit on our old beloved sofa!

Our final family sit on our old beloved sofa!

Ok……….. here goes. We had a sofa that we loved, it was comfy and very us but…… like all second hand chairs it got really really old and was dropping to bits! For about 3 years Becksie has been looking around for a new sofa that was as lovely as our old one. Well…… a few weeks ago we found it! In a charity shop for a REALLY really good price! We purchased it, got it delivered and were very happy. It was so reasonably priced as it has a slight mark on the side – not really visible so we were very happy!sofa 3

Its been in place a few weeks and is a dream. It’s beyond comfy, its soft, it gives one’s back great support, our little person loves it, our cats love it. It’s great!

The youth of today!! Lizzie watching a spot of peppa pig on our new sofa, surrounded by muddy cats!

The youth of today!! Lizzie watching a spot of peppa pig on our new sofa, surrounded by muddy cats!

As a Saturday treat we decided to give Lizzie a little bit of choc choc and you guessed it dark chocolate dipped child’s hand touched the sofa! As we aren’t really show home kind of folk we grabbed a wet wipe and cleaned the sofa! All sorted! Phew!

10 minutes later we looked at the sofa to see our lovely gold sofa now had a peach patch – yes folks you guessed it the wet wipe (a plain no alcohol wet bloody wipe) has bleached the sofa! Becksie could have cried! We were simply astounded that a wet wipe could do this. Question was what kind of flipping fabric is this sofa made of! Google tells us that we in fact are the proud owners of a double triple posh silk chenille sofa! This means that in this house of noise, mess, food, small person, big people and cats we have a sofa that even water will mark! We have ourselves something so posh that looks beyond amazing that very soon will look like a disaster station! We have the equivalent of giving an egg to a baby who has just started to walk, sofa 8a bull in a china shop.sofa 7and so on and so forth (or Auntie Mary giving shaving foam to a certain someone!!!!)!

So here’s the therapy – Becksie is embracing the fact that even though this fancy pants sofa is a thing of beauty it is just a sofa! It was made to be sat on. Chocolate hands will go on it, muddy cats will sit on it, scratch it blah blah blah! We MUST just say oh well and just use it as normal, use it as a place to relax, be together, read stories, drink tea and not be tempted to wrap it in bubble wrap! It is JUST A SOFA! This is hard but a good life lesson – don’t save up treasures and then leave perfect things behind use the best things to make the best memories.

Team Pugh selfie - a memory from our old sofa!

Team Pugh selfie – a memory from our old sofa!

Good times

Good times

appreciate them for what they are – beautiful things but ultimately just things! Say bye to their beauty in advance and just use them! Don’t be the person who leaves behind a pristine china dinner set that was given as a present – use it to make memories and when you leave it behind so what if 5 pieces are smashed! The remaining pieces will have a story to tell. So bring on the choc choc, wet wipes and mud, Mr silk chenille sofa!

If this photo had a caption it would have to be 'Did you know it's silk chenille Daisy? Let's put our dirty hands on it teee hee he'!

If this photo had a caption it would have to be ‘Did you know it’s silk chenille Daisy? Let’s put our dirty hands on it teee hee he’!

PS – Why the heck would you EVER make a sofa that bleaches with a wet wipe that is BEYOND STUPID!!!!!!!!!

PPS – who remembers this post about an ‘art silk dress‘- jokes on us now! 😉


17 thoughts on “All that glitters aint gold!

  1. All I can say is I’d never wipe anything with a wet wipe! That is I wouldn’t now! I have found that they can make a mark or fade any manner of things! They are for faces, hands and bums(sorry) only! You are not the only ones to find out the hard way. Make a throw or use a sheet if you need it won’t stop it being comfy. And it does look so VERY comfy!

  2. Gosh what do they put in those things? I suppose it must be something strong, cos if you left wet fabric in a plastic bag pretty soon it would stink and be mouldy. I never buy them, we use good old soap and flannel. We bought our last few sofa’s from ebay for 99p, use the postcode thingie at the side and squash it in a hatchback car. Andy is a master at the art of getting bargains in a hatchback!

  3. Last year we went on a long cycling trip through France from the channel to the med. Each night I tried something different to remove the streak of chain oil that had adhered to the inside of my right calf. Shower gel, soap, laundry wash, hard scrubbing, even toothpaste, to no avail. One day I used a wet wipe and hey presto! So yes, they must contain something pretty powerful but if you ever need to get oil off your legs they’re the thing!

    • this highlights that wetwipes must contain some strong stuff – lesson learnt the hard way 😦 hehe – oh well – to quote myself ‘it’s just a sofa’

  4. Well at least you didn’t spend thousands of pounds buying it in the first place so easily replaced via the same route when it has had its day.. or recover it when Lizzie leaves home!….ah.. project for Becksie..(or Ian).learn the art of upholstery ….it would be really useful for all those bargain chairs you can’t resist!…meanwhile train a cat to sleep on the marked bit…about time they did something useful for their keep!

    • yes yes yes this is a GREAT idea but VERY dangerous – our house would soon look like a waiting room as there is many a time I like the shape of the chair but not the cover 🙂

  5. We have all done a similar sort of thing with stain removers, scissors, red wine, ink, paint etcetera. Garden plants loving tended to be trod on unnoticed by size 9s. Years spent training a shrub only to cut out the wrong bit later on. (by myself I might add) .Enjoy your sofa, make memories instead.

  6. don’t know why your moaning up until then it was sofa so good oh becks how strange it should do that I use wet wipes on all sorts of things I will be more careful now x

  7. Throws are fantastic cover ups when people come round. We have them sitting on the back of our sofas especially in winter when they double up as blankets for napping toddlers, forts, ghost costumes etc then they cover up the chocolate and felt pen when guests come round. 😀 win win

  8. We had cream sofas once, then we had children and they wiped their noses all over them, rubbed apple cores all over them and they are no longer a very pretty site! Every so often we think about getting them recovered and we just think there is no point, we will wait until the kids are much older! Like you say – they are only things!

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