A Pressing Matter

pressing 1Oopppps its 11pm and we are only just sitting down to write today’s blog…… Oopppps! We’ve been erm busy on several pressing matters! Today we have cleared out the loft and had a good old declutter. This really needed doing as our supermarket free year has really brought home to us less really really is more! Don’t fear though we haven’t just tipped stuff we have been giving things away on freecycle etc etc!

pressing 2The other activity of the day was WAY WAY more exciting than loft clearing. Today…………. we went to an apple pressing event!

pressing 8This was a) simply genius b) great fun and c) so so so so helpful. We went along with 3 bags of our apples and 10 empty clean recycled bottles and left with 10 bottles of the most AMAZING pure apple juice. This juice is so fresh and lovely the nano second it hits your tongue you feel it doing you good!

pressing 7

pressing 4It is currently in the fridge but tomorrow we need to put a few bottles in the freezer as the raw juice can be frozen, drink more (its moreish), have a go at pasteurizing some (we are told 20 minutes at 70c does the trick) and…….. try our hand at cider making!pressing 3

Any tips on pasteurising and cider making gratefully received!

What a wonderful and brightly coloured day Team Pugh have had!pressing 5

Night Night folks!


4 thoughts on “A Pressing Matter

  1. As you hadn’t appeared I thought you must be doing something interesting! Seen a lot on tv recently about pressing apples for the juice, seems to be a growing ‘locals together’ thing. Sorry I haven’t any idea about pasteurising or cider making but I’m sure the internet will see you through! Our apples are all being eaten, mostly by my hubby who treats them like sweets when we have so many. Never known anybody who can eat so many a day! Hope Sunday is as eventful for you.

  2. Wowza, that is such a great idea. A community apple press. Good luck preserving all that juice for winter. I know if was left unattended with scrummy juice my family would come home to find me looking slightly potbellied and green around the gills sitting unable to move surrounded by empty juice bottles.
    No self control. I really do embarrass myself.

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