Convenience (a guest post by Mary)

Today we’ve had a busy old day and had zero motivation to come up with a blog post. As we were thinking about what to do Becksie’s mobile went bing and a message from Auntie Mary told us that a guest blog was waiting in our inbox. How convenient (;)). Thank you, Mary it’s over to you…………..

mary 3As the nights draw in and the sound of fireworks starts to fill the evenings I’m reminded that the year without supermarkets for Team Pugh is coming to an end. I’ve really enjoyed reading about their journey and if there’s one thing I’ve taken from their experience it’s a change in perspective on how I view convenience.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a bit of a troubled relationship with convenience; I love it but I also resent it. In the world we live in it is becoming increasingly difficult to strike a balance between what we could do, should do or are able to do. Often we choose the easy route, but the trouble with convenience is that it usually means we miss out on something better, more interesting and exciting or just cheaper. I’ve lost count of the times over the past year that Becksie has come up against difficulties, only to discover something amazing or meet someone new.

There’s this awful advert on the TV at the moment for an internet takeaway ordering service. The idea of the advert is that cooking is a waste of our spare time and we should leave it to the chefs. Why waste precious time cooking a family meal when you can order a pizza, a Chinese or a curry? Now, I don’t have children, but I can certainly relate to the feeling that that there aren’t enough hours in the day, but it seems sad to me that anyone would think that cooking was good time wasted. It’s part of what makes us human, that we use tools to create something whether it be food, music or art. That’s why ‘a year without supermarkets’ has resonated with me, because it’s kind of depressing to buy your food over processed, vacuum packed and tasteless, when you could make something so much better for half the price.

Convenience often involves a trade off. If I sat down and worked out how long at work I’d spend sending emails, writing reports, going to meetings or just generally doing things I really don’t want to do to earn enough money to buy a takeaway for the whole family… well… it probably wouldn’t seem that convenient at all.

In the spirit of this, last weekend I decided to make pizza from scratch. I’m not going to bore you with the recipe because you if you’re reading this, you can probably google it like I did!

mary 2I made the dough.

mary 1Quickly put together some tomatoes, onion, chilli and garlic for the base (really lazy garlic if you don’t like touching it like me!!)

mary 4Then my boyfriend took them off to a friend’s house to be cooked and enjoyed. They had them with beers and computer games (he is 35 years old).

And there you have it. Yeah it takes a bit longer, but I enjoyed it. They tasted really lovely and it was cheap to do so what the hell! Maybe next time you pop into a supermarket because you haven’t got time etc, just think… what are you missing out on?


14 thoughts on “Convenience (a guest post by Mary)

  1. Yay Auntie Mary, they sound fab. Pizza is a bit of a hot debate at our house as Saturday night has been pizza and jacket potato night for years, but OH loves a certain well known brand and I want to be able to build them from scratch so I have more control over what goes on them (Im loosing weight and the branded pizza is hugely calorific). If I make some for me, he wont eat a whole branded one and the leftovers sit in the fridge not getting eaten and finally thrown out, which isnt very cost effective. So Im scratching my head as to how to resolve this one, then I see posts like these which really make me want to give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Completely and uttely relate to the convenience thing – I’ll buy something because I haven’t got the time to cook or I’m in a mood and need something on the table immediately I get home, and then I’m cross with myself as I could so easily have made it – healthier and tastier. That would be part of the beauty of going supermarket free for me. Much less of an option! Thanks for the post Mary 🙂

  3. Great Post, a friend made a pizza base using live natural yogurt to mix the base, has any one heard of this? Apparently the yeast in the yogurt rises the dough. Any thoughts on this? Have you tried this method?

  4. I often use a scone base for homemade pizza.It is really quick and delicious. My 3 year old and her friend love helping make it and putting on their own toppings – often with some very creative patterns!

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