Shopping (and Da’s garden)

This week our shop was done between three locations Faringdon, Lechlade and Da’s garden!

da 3Faringdon yielded some cheese from Rob the cheese, a yews milk chedder and a smoked cheese! Delicious! Then it was flour and fresh yeast from our lovely baker Lil! A trip to Lechlade on the way to Da and Mammars provided lots of fruit and vegetables and then…… Da’s garden provided a box full of extra fruit and vegetables (and yet more apples) – there is a slight chance we will turn into apples very soon)!!!!!!!!!

da 1We got home and realised that we had mostly returned from hunting and gathering with fruit and vegetables, oh well a healthy week it is then! Followed by pudding of 1000 ways with apples! The shop was also healthy on our pocket as well weighing in at just £14.75! Once again this confirms to us the expense in shopping comes from buying products. And of course free food helps too!

da 5As we have so much free food we have been keeping an eye on freecycle for an extra freezer (with no success :()! Now freecycle is a great idea but we’ve felt a tad frustrated with it lately. We’ve tried to give a few things away and despite the items being good quality and erm free the people who have replied have let us down on collection, been well known for asking for EVERY item we offer (which is quite a lot) and…… our favourite a email from a rather rude lady saying she’d only be able to take our ‘free’ item if we would deliver, it was a little more rude than that – needless to say she didn’t get the item!

da 4

da 2This want,want, want, take, take, take attitude has saddened us a little as we’re not sure this is the spirit of freecycle. In the past we have given some things to some really fab folk and have been DELIGHTED with some of the items we have been given. It seems as with lots of things in life good things get abused and lost! We guess what we’re trying to say is…… ermmmm, we’re not sure, we’re just ranting! Maybe we ate too many apples!!!!

What’s your best freecycle give or take? Anyone else feeling despondent with it? Anyone else suffering from appleitis?

Happy Thursday everyone!


21 thoughts on “Shopping (and Da’s garden)

  1. We have tried door step recycling, put items in front yard with a sign please take me. it may be scrapmen/women who take it but electric items are rarely accepted by charity shops.

  2. I too concur with the want,want, want, take, take, take attitude. We have groups on Facebook in our area. You post the items for free and people still expect delivery and because you won’t they don’t come. How should giving something away for free cost you? I really don’t get it

  3. I find Freegle/Freecycle goes through cycles; there are times when you wonder why on earth you’re bothering, and then a couple of delightful people turn up who are thrilled with what you’re giving away and you decide maybe it is all worth it! (I have to say email replies of ‘yes please’ irritate me. I know it’s email, but can you not manage a sentence?!)

  4. My best freebie was a Victorian mahogany chest of drawers left out for the council to collect (oh, and a washing machine with it which lasted us 3years). The owners had just moved and didn’t want them. I got a Victorian oak shelf/cupboard from a skip. My best giveaway was my knitting machine to some one who had lost everything in a house fire (but they were all safe) and it gave her a good boost to get something she’d wanted for a long time. She seemed thrilled. I don’t answer freecycle which just say ” give me” . My feeling is that many people are brought up to think of themselves first, second and third; how about ” me and my friends” now rather than ” my friends and I” (putting others before themselves). Thoughtful, caring people like you find greed and selfishness very saddening. Concentrate instead on the many good people around. You and your blog have been an inspiration to many over the past year.

  5. We freegled a larder fridge which was in working order but needed new door seal (not why we were getting rid of it!). The man who came to pick it up brought his teenage sons with him and they were both so excited at the idea of having a big fridge. It was brilliant to see their faces light up when they saw the size of the interior. Quite restored my faith in teenagers!

  6. Lizzie’s Grandpa loves the big drapery cupboard we were given on Freecycle which he uses for his tools. It is full of small drawers, big drawers and a cupboard. It even has a ‘saw drawer’ and the cupboard doors have wire across them – perfectly for looping all those odd bits of string and wire over. Also those garden chairs from a ‘special collection’ which lived here for a while, then lived in your gardens at two successive houses and were last seen in your parents’ garden. A recycling family!

  7. mmmm….I know that appley feeling Becksie…Date & apple Chutney, Apple Pie, Apple Crumble, Apple Cake, Pork & apple Sausage Rolls, Apple Fritters……I do like apples really I do!!!!

  8. Completely second the freecycle sorrow – the free items have seemed to be getting less and the “wanted” items significantly more! Some “wanted”s are frankly outrageous!
    We have an apple glut. We thought last year our tree was sprouting cookers, this year it seems to be eaters. Hmmm! So I’ve used a few up tonight on Sausage Bakewells. One word – LUSH!!!! Top recipe folks! thanks muchly 🙂 I love trying out your recipes, once I’ve finished reading about your life. How I will miss you in November ! Boo.
    Apologies for post sausage-bakewell ramblings :-s

  9. Best thing I got was a summerhouse. Retail around £1000 which I could never afford. Needed two pieces rotten wood replacing. It was even carpeted!! Hubby rebuilt it painted it two lovely shades of blue and green. It’s great. But by the same token we’ve put things on some random things went but two beautiful units didn’t as “no one uses them” we’ll if you have nought then something is better than nothing!!! We started married life with all freebies and hand me downs as we couldn’t afford new. Only our bed was new! Today some people are just plain greedy!!!!

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