beappe 3It’s getting to the time of year when all you want to eat is comfort foods, we’re talking stews, soups, pies – you know real Autumn dinners. As Autumn draws into Winter the tendancy (in this kitchen anyway) leans towards filling, warming more stodgy foods. Now this is a really fantastic part of eating the seasons but sometimes you need to serve this kind of food with a little bit of fresh zing to keep the coming winter doom away.

This recipe uses the seasons but with a fresh twist and goes really well with the hearty big boys. Tonight we had this salad with a large sausage bakewell and a homemade foccicia. And…… another bonus of this dish (if you need further convincing) is it uses up more flipping apples. Is anyone else blessed with an apple glut?

Ok, without further a do we give you……. Beappe salad!

Take a raw but peeled beetroot – that’s the BE

Take 2 crisp peeled and cored apples – that’s the AP

Take a ripe but firm peeled pear – that’s the PEbeappe 1

Grate the lot.

Put the lot in a bowl.

Add a dash of olive oil.

The juice of a lemon.

Season with salt and pepper.beappe 2

Eat immediately, this salad is delicious but quickly goes to mush so if you plan to serve it make it ready to eat straight away! Perfecto! Autumn BEAPPE salad aka – Be happy salad!


6 thoughts on “BEAPPE Salad

  1. Oh good one Becksie….I have all of these in my veg box this week plus apples still from last week despite making an apple cake and apple crumble!…oh you would like apple cake Becksie….very simple ….cream 6oz butter with 6oz sugar, add gradually 2 beaten large eggs, sift in 6oz SR flour, stir in 1oz ground almonds and 2or3 peeled chopped apples….cook for approx. 1 hr at 160c

  2. i love this salad and it is good with fresh figs as well and then don’t feel guilty about eating a blackberry and apple crumble afterwards

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