What A Mess

Now some readers will nod their heads throughout this post in complete sympathy! Here goes………

mess 9Our house is clean and tidy! Mostly! However…….. in order to keep the status of clean and tidy mostly a lot of hard work has to go in and it is a constant cycle of maintenance!

mess 7Where to begin? Ok every night before Ian and Becksie go to bed we make sure the house is tidy! We make sure the pots are done, the toys are away, the dirty washing is in the basket and every night Becksie takes Ian’s tie from its temporary resting place on the banister, rolls it up and puts in back in Ian’s drawer! All go to sleep! Fine! Easy! Done!

Morning comes. Ian heads to work, Becksie gets up and wipes the kitchen table – our feline friends cannot get it in their heads that they must stay in the dog shelf! The same feline friends see Becksie on table wiping duty and laugh! They are served a tasty breakfast of stinky food and Becksie opens a window to counteract the smell!

mess 8The kettle goes on and Lizzie gets up! Lizzie eats her breakfast and the freshly wiped table needs another meeting with the cloth and the dettol (other brands available)! As Lizzie gets down from the table its a race to make sure her paws are clean before the sofa gets it. Breakfast cleared away, washing up done, washing in! Now……. in this house if we don’t wash a load everyday we are behind on the washing!mess 2

Then the day brings with it many things, Ian is busy working, Becksie and Lizzie are getting up to all sorts of mischief, sometimes Becksie is also working. Whatever we do we try to maintain the mostly clean and tidy status! If Becksie and Lizzie are home there is the lunch time table clearing to factor in!

mess 16.15pm Ian is home, dinner is being served. Ian takes his tie off and deposits it on the banister! The tie drawer is 4 small steps from the banister but…… the tie needs to rest from climbing the stairs. We eat dinner and its time for the kitchen to be cleaned, small person to be washed, play time, story time, teeth and bed! mess 4Then we stand back and survey the damage and tidy up again!

mess 3Bed time and that tie goes away!

Please don’t think this post is meant in a moaning or complaining way, it really isn’t, except the tie part (hehe)! It is merely an observation that many will empathise with. It is a tad frustrating but….. our house is a real home. The kind of home Becksie always dreamed of running – a warm, mostly clean and tidy home, a place to be ourselves and a place that’s just as lovely in a mess as it is perfectly tidy! It makes us happy!

mess 5As an aside to all of this Becksie thought it might be fun to share the following anecdote:

Ian’s ties are stored in a draw rolled up! A few months into this arrangement he remarked how he felt pleased the arrangement was working and how tidy he’s keeping his ties! Becksie nearly swallowed her teeth!!! This arrangement only works as someone does daily house keeping to keep this tidy! Shine a light!

Ps – we know we’ve mentioned these ties before but……. Grrrrr!


14 thoughts on “What A Mess

  1. I’m from the Joan Rivers school of housework. “Housework is a waste of time. You tidy up, wash the dishes, make the beds, dust and hoover. Six months later it all needs doing again!” Lovely post Becksie.

  2. Great stuff! I think it’s a ‘man thing’ – that stuff magically finds its way to where it lives. Daisy’s Uncle thinks that dirty crocks left on the work surface above the dishwasher will sink down through it into said machine! Hey ho! Joan Rivers was right!!

  3. You have more patience than me Becksie – I’d be inclined to pick each one up after a day or so and pop it into a carrier bag…and see how long it takes him to run out of ties! πŸ˜‰

  4. becksie you do realise that you have a home not a show house and a lot of little paws so many hands make a lot of work I think the best way to sweep any room is with a glance xx

  5. My idea of cleaning is to sweep the room with a glance :o) Seriously, I work full time, do all the washing, ironing and cooking, and grocery shopping for us and the Mother In Law (who lives next door), so as far as I can concerned it doesnt hurt the Husband (who works from home) to throw the duster and hoover round now and again!
    Our house has been part building site for the last 5 years anyway, so some of the rooms cant be kept tidy, but the main rooms arent too bad. I once read that your home should be clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy, sounds good to me.

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