saucy 1We were fortunate enough to be allowed to have some of Da’s tomato crop – he’s had a very productive tomato harvest this year! So off we went and filled a bowl and prepared to make it all into tomato sauce to keep us going for a while.

So…….. wash and chop the tomatoes, there were quite a few that needed to be chopped up but it really only took about 3 minutes to prepare them. Place them in a heavy bottomed pan and add a good glug of olive oil, a sprinkling of sugar, a generous twist of pepper and salt and a sprinkling of cinnamon. You wouldn’t think it but cinnamon really makes this sauce come alive. As it was very chilly today we had our wood burner on so we put the pan on top of it and let it blip (what a great word) away for several hours.

saucy 2Whilst this was happening we made use of some windfall apples and made chutney (with the addition of orange, figs, plums, a few tomatoes and pear).

Blip blip

Blip blip

After a couple of hours remove the fully blipped tomatoes from the heat and add basil and thyme before blending the sauce. Check the seasoning is still to taste, we added another twist or three of black pepper.

saucy 5Take a muffin tray and some silicon baking cases (paper ones just wouldn’t cut the mustard). saucy 4Fill each case and allow the sauce to cool. Pop in the freezer overnight.

saucy 3Remove from the freezer and pop out of the cases into a freezer bag and viola you have sauce pots ready to be used as you see fit. On pizza bases, in a spag bol, a lasagne, just with pasta and cheese, over chicken………. and so on and so forth!

Saucy indeed!