Overnight Oats

oats 1This is one of those recipes that we are almost ashamed to write a post about as…….. this recipe is sooooooo simple its hardly even a recipe. EEEkkk! Anyway…… the title of this post is in fact pretty much the recipe. Take some oats put them in a bowl and cover them with milk. Then for good measure add another glug of milk and flavours of your choice. Then errrm cover it with cling film and leave it in the fridge overnight ready to be enjoyed in the morning served cold. Its delicious! oats 3

Like we said it’s simple – even simpler than errmm a well know product called ‘oats so simple’!

The saving grace with this post is a few suggestion of combinations we have tried and tested:

  • Grated apple, cinnamon, brown sugaroats 10
  • Grated pear, blueberry and honeyoats 9
  • Honey, banana and coconutoats 4
  • Chocolate chips, peanut butter and banana
  • Chai sprinkles (basically the same spice blend as our chai tea minus the tea
  • Replacing the milk with a flavoured yogurt of your choice oats 8
  • Raspberry, sugar, and almonds
  • Strawberry and banana 
  • Banana, jam and sugar oats 7
  • Coconut, almond and chocolate 

There a million combination and this can be served with fresh fruit, stewed fruit……. ‘oat’ you like really 😉 oats 5


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  1. You can also have this as a light supper snack, just oats from the packet, cold milk, toppings of choice. This does not upset the digestion late at night as one gets a bit long in the tooth!

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