As you know last week we treated ourselves to…… ‘A big shop‘. It was lovely and it felt like a real treat. However…… as this is no longer how we shop we found that we’d somehow upset our food status quo. By this we mean we had lots of fresh food at the start and towards the end of this week lots of ‘really needs using up’ food – or food that in a previous life may have ended up in the bin.

average 2So…. this week has been about leftovers. Lots of soups, pasta dishes etc etc you know the drill. We did do two tiny shops the first one on Sunday for our Sunday lunch (roast gammon, celeriac mash, roast pots, peas, carrots, broccoli and homemade white sauce) but the gammon fed us for a few days. Then on Tuesday we got some chickpeas, milk, cream and cinnamon in Burford. So total shop £13.71!

average 1Whats weird is if you add up the last two week’s shops and divide the total to get the average spend it comes out just a few pounds off our regular £34 average. This proves that we really do only need £35 to feed three of us well for a week. A huge difference from our average £80 (including estimated top shop costs) we used to do for just 2 of us! Incredible! And all this saving by turning our back on the advertisers! It may be interesting to see with careful supermarket shopping (budget brands etc) how far we could reduce our bill but…… we really aren’t sure we could as we aren’t keen to do a full shop in a supermarket again and most definitely won’t buy meat from a supermarket. The jury is still out on our relationship with supermarkets, current thinking is we may go every so often to buy tins but who knows we may just stick as we are. One things for sure we will never use Faringdon’s new Tesco as…… the shops in our lovely town are great!


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