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Becksie in another life in her old job

Becksie in another life in her old job

Before all of this Becksie worked in mental health. She was told by people she was good at doing it. She tried to tell herself she enjoyed it. The capital T truth was she really really didn’t. You see she enjoyed the fact that she was helping people but being surrounded by problems and people feeling low the world had started to feel a bit grey. Having previously worked for a homeless charity (something Becksie on careful reflection did actually enjoy) Becksie had acquired a special knack of visiting a new place and only seeing the people on the streets, signs of crime, people in sorrow etc etc.

Becksie and Grandpa Pugh (aka Poppa) 1 week to go!

Becksie and Grandpa Pugh (aka Poppa) 1 week to go!

When Becksie left work to go on maternity leave she knew deep in her heart that it was the end of that chapter, the close of that door. When she drove away from work for the last time she cried as everything she had worked to achieve was finished, she was unsure what that meant. Before Lizzie was actually born Becksie spent a lot of time thinking about what had been the path she had chosen since leaving university. After trying to solve homelessness and accommodation issues for people affected by mental health and with the birth of a little person a few weeks away she felt a sense of guilt that despite her training and skills she would no longer be helping these people. That was hard because during her time doing this type of work Becksie had met loads of people who needed support and had learnt a lot from these people. She felt guilt! Truth be told she felt a little empty – this part of her had almost died.

niche 44.47am on a May morning Becksie was told (by Ian) it’s a girl! 4.57am an agreement was made that that little girl was Elizabeth. Everything changed. Focus shifted. At some point in the first few weeks when Ian had returned to work and the new ‘normal’ had begun Becksie knew she had found her niche. She was using her skills just in a different way as Lizzie’s mummy.

niche 2As Lizzie was only small and Becksie the project person felt like she needed a micro project to manage she came up with the idea of writing a blog. Somewhere around the middle of October the concept of ‘a year without supermarkets’ was born. A blog post everyday about our journey without supermarkets. It started about food and mostly kept on track but more thoughtful and self reflective things have crept in. So as it comes to an end that familiar feeling of a chapter ending is starting to creep in. Obviously this will still be here – we can post as and when there is something to write about that could be every few days or once a month but…… come November 5th it will somehow be different.

niche 5In a funny kind of way this blog has also helped Becksie find another niche and that is writing. When something is in her mind she feels compelled to write it down. So being a writing mummy seems to be Becksie’s current niche -unfortunately the pay on both sucks!

Will there be another project? Of course, we give it until about November 7th to start to come to light. What will it be? What form will it take? Who knows? Just like as Becksie drove away from her job she had no clue about all of this, who knows! It is of course exciting but it’s also a little scary as this energy has to be ploughed into something. Back to the drawing board then!


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  1. Experience is never wasted Becksie and it is as important a lesson to recognise what you don’t want to do in life…and what could be more important than being a mummy. Now you have learnt that you are creative as well and have the tenacity to write regularly even though you are counting down the days to not having to…and look at all the things you have learnt on your journey and the fabulous life changes you made on the way . A brilliant piece of heirloom social history recorded for your family too!….cant wait to see what you get up to next but I know it wont be long before you tell us…so I wont wish you a happy retirement just yet …xx

  2. Being a mummy is the most important job – I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, with all this talk of ‘hard working families’. Who works harder than mum? You get no training but are expected to do a first class job and are criticised if you don’t. Keep up the good work, I’m sure Lizzie will be a credit to you both!

  3. Its been lovely of you to let us share your journey, you’ve made the world a greener place as I’m one of many who use supermarkets less now cos of this blog. We’ll miss you but it’s nice that we can pop over and see you sometimes on here, blessing, lynne x

  4. I can’t imagine you will stay still for long. I found the time I spent at home as a full time mum has been utterly invaluable for working out what I want to be when I grow up.
    You have done so much good with this blog raising awareness of the plight of the high street and independent traders as well as teaching people healthy cheap recipes. You have taught people about food poverty with your live below the line posts.
    Being at home and blogging in the cracks of time around your responsibilities will bring new paths your way. I am sure.

  5. Lovely post, isn’t it interesting how quickly things can change in life! Exciting times ahead, no doubt!
    A year ago I said ‘I don’t do writing, I sew and create with my hands’ a couple of months later, I was blogging twice a week!

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