The Sound of Music Take One!!

sound of 7Do a deer a female deer. Ray a drop of golden sun, me a name I call myself. Far a long long way to run. Sew a needle pulling thread, la a note to follow sew, tea a drink with jam and bread that’ll bring us back to do ray me far so la tea da!sound of 8

Becksie and Ian LOVE the sound of Music! One of their most bestest ever holidays was a trip to Salzberg (where they went on the Sound of Music tour). sound of 9Saltzberg was an incredible place, beautiful, full of energy and culture and a kick ass market.sound of 10 And…… of course apple strudel!! We LOVE apple strudel!

sound of 2At Mammars the other day Becksie was flicking through an old recipe book and found a recipe for one! So……… with a million apples about it was only right we had a go! We pretended we were on the bake off doing the technical!!!

sound of 1

Part way through stretching out the pastry

Part way through stretching out the pastry

sound of 4

It sank in the oven :(

It sank in the oven 😦

We wouldn’t have done very well! We decided to use stewed apple instead of following the recipe to the letter and we don’t think we stretched the pastry out enough! It tasted lovely but it is a work in progress and we are trying again and will get back to you on progress!! Strudel tips gratefully received.


8 thoughts on “The Sound of Music Take One!!

  1. How strange you should post about your holiday in Salzburg today – we came back from a visit there yesterday. Daisy’s Dadad was singing in a concert in the cathedral.

    We visited the fab market too (Daisy got a cute basket) and had schnitzel and strudel

  2. Ooh that looks very adventurous on the cooking front…not one I’ve ever tried so I’m afraid I can’t offer you any tips….I don’t mind offering my services as a taster though it all looks very yummy!

  3. I also have done the tour and we used the wedding March from the film at our wedding 37 years ago. Well done for trying the struddle .How about giving us a sample weeks menu so we can see where the shopping baskets go

    • Aww thats lovely 🙂 We would have to do the menu in retrospect as we don’t meal plan but I guess we could do it again – we did it part way through our year once

  4. Wow- very impressive! I’ve never tried making strudel but I seem to recall you’re supposed to be able to read a newspaper through the stretched pastry.
    It looks delicious anyway 🙂

    After Daisy’s Grandma’s post, I now have ‘A few of my favourite things’ stuck in my head… “cream coloured ponies and crisp apple strudels….doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles….”
    Well, it’s better than that daft lottery jingle I was singing to myself yesterday.

    • OOOo i love that lottery jingle hehe – I got the pastry so thin I could see through it as I’d read the same thing but……. i need to try again

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