A Big Shop

Shopping 1It occurred to us that through this experiment we have really scaled down our shop. Our average spend is £34 for 3 for a week. Now this is highly possible and means no food waste but due to free fruit and vegetables and our new attitude of less is more we felt a little stuck in a rut. So….. we decided last week to allow ourselves to spend more! When we say more we mean we went out determined to spend our full £50 budget!!! We also, typically forgot to blog our shop. shopping 4

And…… we did – change from this weeks shop 27p! Now we this is really sad but spending that bit extra meant a few treats and it really was a pleasure and exciting. We did buy some bargain chocolate from the market in Abingdon and some packet desserts (we’ve missed angel delight a little bit) from a deli in Abingdon, but….. the majority of the food were ingredients and we are determined to make some fun new recipes to spice up dinners and snacks.Shopping 5

So shopping was done in Abingdon (tied in with a trip for something we needed) and all the dairy bits, puff pastry, frozen peas etc came from Millets. Then these lovely sausages from the wonderful Jane at Dews meadow Farm the following day at Faringdon Farmers’ Market! After all when you’ve found the perfect sausage nothing else will do! So a total spend of £49.73! A rich bounty to behold. Endless food possibilities, happy Pugh’s!Shopping 6

A wonderful big treat shop! We know this is sad as this shop is less than we ever used to buy at the supermarket but this year has given us a really appreciation for the food we have and…… for that we are truly grateful.



8 thoughts on “A Big Shop

  1. Well done Pughs there is nothing like “a little of what you fancy” to make life and food more interesting. And as the saying goes on “it does you good” enjoy and I bet there still won’t be much, if any, wastage.

  2. I found the most amazing “local” independent foodhall called Makenades in Faversham not too far from us recently along with The Brogdale Butcher a few miles further on and that has become my real “treat” outing to stock up the cupboards with the most fabulous food I have ever seen!…..and I can tell you I have never felt that much enjoyment in a trip to the supermarket!….I did miss Millets Farm when I left Oxford so Im delighted to have discovered it…you would love it Becksie!

  3. I wonder how many different types and textures of sausage there are? My top favourite is made by a butcher 23 miles away, so buying some of these has to coincide with some other need for a trip in that direction. Served with new season apple sauce. Yummy.

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