narna 19Over the weekend Aunty Leah came to visit us. Now…… at the start of our year Leah lived down the road, this was amazing. Now she lives much much further away. This is a) great news as she is so so happy to be where she is, doing what she is doing and this makes us very happy and very proud b) sad, selfishly we miss popping round for a tuppa tea c) a test of the old saying absence makes the heart grow fonder. And……after careful consideration we can tell you….. it does!

narna 15Now Aunty Leah to all of the members of Team Pugh is….. a bestest friend.

To Ian Leah is the little sister he never had. narna 17She is sharer of catch phrases. Fellow sweet muncher. narna 16Champion teaser and teasee. Sharer of clever fast-witted humour. Speaker of Oxford language. narna 9Candy floss business partner. Shared responsible owner of a Becksie. Mate. narna 11In short Ian loves Leah!

narna 4To Lizzie Leah is an idol! Her Narna! narna 3Her role model. Her fun time friend. Her third parent. narna 18Sleepover buddy. Buyer of the bestest books. Discipliner to keep her safe, happy and well. A wise Aunty who has her best interests at heart. The person who lights up her little face every time she has any contact with her (photo viewing, pretend phone calls using the tv remote included). narna 1The person who sat with a two hour old her and welcomed her to the world whilst her mummy showered and her daddy slept on a beanbag on the floor of the delivery room. narna 2She is nibs to Leah’s Narna. narna 7In short Lizzie loves Leah!

narna 8To Becksie Leah is harshest critic but bestest friend. narna 10She is beautiful inside and out. She is wise beyond her years. She is annoyingly right. Sharer of clothes. narna 14Fashion helper. Floating and waiting pal. Shared keep of Mammar and Da. Communicator with or without words. Hero. Source of pride. The person who Becksie must protect.narna 12 Islander. Sometimes fight competitor. Partner in crimes including egg throwing in parent’s kitchen and porridge hiding. Sharer of secrets. Understander of feelings to hard too self comprehend. Sister. DNA sharer. Friend. Best friend. Listener of worries. Sharer of joy. Queller of fears. Feeler of pain. Best friend. Sister. Harshest critic. Chief Bridesmaid.narna 13She is Leah. Lupes. Lupin. LG. LGINO. She is the best. In short Becksie LOVES Leah!

narna 6We are so happy to see her because she means so much to us. We know she reads this blog everyday so we wanted to tell her we love her although we know she already knows. Now we know this post is for Leah and 99% of people reading this post are not Leah and we apologise if this is all a little gushy and the in jokes keep you an outsider but…… our dear friends there is a moral here. To quote another person Team Pugh dearly love (MPR that’s you) ‘the moral of the story is’……….. It’s good to tell the people you love that you love them. We know it’s not always as easy as us telling Leah we love her but no matter how hard it is it is important! It’s funny as at the start of this post we didn’t intend to end up here but somehow we feel compelled to share this moral. If this speaks to you bite the bullet (no matter how hard and whats gone before) and tell someone special why you love them. We think this will help to make the world a better place.

Narna you rock!

narna 5

All our love

Team Pugh

Ps – sorry for the mini preach we deleted that part six times but somehow it felt like those words needed publishing.