We know that yesterday’s post wasn’t exactly healthy and that today we should be blogging about a rustic 82 bean stew or the like or maybe a crunchy dressing free salad but….. we are not!! condensed 3

Oooopps!! You see that caramel sauce got us thinking about another love or ours – condensed milk!! So it is with sugar-filled shame we made some to sit in a jar alongside the caramel which of course will last its full two weeks shelf life. In our defence we’ve been meaning to blog this for ages so….. here goes!

Now this delight takes no more than five minutes to make and only 4 ingredients! We are sorry if you did not know you could do this and as a result of this post find yourself using five minutes of your time and 4 ingredients to make this BUT it’s AMAZING!

Ok…… take:

1 cup of powered milk

condensed 1

2/3rd cup of normal sugar

condensed 2

1/2 cup of boiling water

1/4 cup melted butter

condensed 4

Put it all in a blender or in a vessel and use a stick blender and…….. blend!

It keeps in an airtight container in the fridge for 5 days (yeah right!!). It is that simple! Don’t believe us……… try it!  condensed 3


9 thoughts on “Oooopps

  1. Some things have got to be done Team Pugh!!! Sounds wonderful and as long as its not every day its surely ok?! I’ll try that at the weekend x

  2. Didn’t realise you could make your own! Will have to try this out, Thank you! Feel free to blog about not so good for you things. My mantra is as long as you eat a variety and not overdo any one thing it should be ok! And I know you wouldn’t eat sugary stuff all the time, you have such lovely veggies and food shopping and you wouldn’t waste any.

  3. Never done this one. I shall have to try it. It should go well with the damsons that are in season. ( or Shropshire prunes) according to Countryfile. always known them as damsons.

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