37 to go…….

Our first ever supermarket-free shop

Our first ever supermarket-free shop

Including today we have just 38 days left of our challenge. That means we are 327 days in, or 89% of the way there, Amazing!

Sometimes living without supermarkets is a bit inconvenient, but not really that hard, you just need to adapt how you think and remember when the market is on, what time the local shops shut and getting to know what you can pick up from where.

What is difficult is writing blog posts every day.  When we started our Year we decided that we were going to blog every day, and didn’t really think too much about it, but 345 posts and (a guestimated) 150,000 words later we feel that we have just about run out of interesting things to write about. No longer can we glance around and have inspiration slap us in the face, some days (such as today, if you had not already guessed it) are a real struggle.


quillow 11

The Quillow we made for the Make Do and Menders

Our friends at My Make Do and Mend Year have recently finished their year of blogging every day, and are taking a well earned rest, we are not at all jealous. Don’t get us wrong  we love living without the supermarkets, and we do love the fact that we have kept the blog up for almost a whole year so far, but we are looking forward to the day when we are not under (stupid self-imposed) pressure to blog every day, and hopefully we can share things that are actually interesting, as opposed to post like this slightly off-piste ramble. We have written a lot of posts and a lot of words, and we wanted to say thank you to all of you who have read all or some of them, from the recipes to the rants to the rambles, it makes us feel like there is a point to what we are doing!

So………..another post down, another 366 words added to the eye-watering word count, and just 37 more posts to go.

Seen as we were moaning about lacking inspiration we thought we would come up with a little competition, leave us a comment with the number 1 topic you would like us to write about and the winner gets…………………………..their requested post written and published next Saturday!!


17 thoughts on “37 to go…….

  1. Just to let you know I love your blog, it’s been, interesting, humorous (in the loveliest way), helpful and enjoyable. Well done to you all xxxxxx

  2. As Christmas pudding season is coming, I’d love to see a post about you guys making yours (if you make one?) – although perhaps not next Sunday (even though if you’re anything like me you LOVE Christmas and struggle to put off the great pudding-making ceremony until November!)!

  3. Becksie I so admire you for keeping up the daily blog I… really don’t know how you do it…but I love that you do!…I love that we have connected and become online friends although we have never met (we will one day!)…I love that you share a little of your life and family with total strangers and inspire us to be better, nicer people…and pick up litter!….as for a blog post…I would love to know more about Becksie, her childhood, her family, her inspirations, growing up, meeting Ian….could be lovely heirloom information for Lizzie too!

  4. Have loved every last word Beckie, Ian and Lizzie. You’ve been stars sharing all those posts. It’s been lovely to see your little girl developing and seeing her pleasure with animals and cooking. Why not have a ‘Silent Post’ and just recap some photos of the year! Treat yourselves to a night off!

  5. I wonder whether after this year is up if you guys might feel yourself straying towards the supermarket or if you think this change is now for life? Would you recommend it to others, with einsight or would that be a post after the 37 days is up? Some one has mentioned christmas already, but I think it may be a little soon, or maybe not for people to start planning it. I’ve enjoyed reading and it will be quite sad if you stop blogging altogether (simply because I like reading it too much); So I hope you stay even if it is sporadic.

  6. I too will be terribly sad to lose the daily blog, as I enjoy all of them, even the ones where you claim a lack of inspiration! I’ve loved reading about your lives although it must be a bit of an intrusion for you, and I too have loved watching Lizzie develop over the past few months . I’m only a more recent reader since You and Yours, but I will always be grateful that I was out of the office, in my car listening to the radio on theway to to buy more chicken food at that particular time of that day! Thank you very much! xx

  7. have you thought about writing a book ? It could be interesting and earn you money, many of us out here like books, the feel of paper I could take it up to my allotment sit in the sun and read just a thought. still don’t like computers!

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