A Good Day!

onions 4A wee while back Da gave us a jar of pickled onions! Becksie LOVES pickled onions, Ian is not that keen and for Lizzie the jury is still out! Now these little beauties came with a slight catch…….. they had an instruction that they weren’t to be opened until a certain date! This was hard to come to terms with for Becksie the pickled onion lover. So…… she put them in the pantry and tried to ignore and deny their existence.  Meanwhile in a different corner of the world Aunty Leah and Uncle Liam fellow pickled onion LOVERS also waited for their pickled onions to be ready! They are SO into pickled onions we kid you not they had actually marked their onion ready day on their calendar!!
onions 3Here in Faringdon we settled down to a lazy tea of Jacket potatoes, cheese beans and salady bits and all of a sudden Becksie jumped up with delight as she remembered it was the 27th September and her pickled onion ready date was in fact yesterday! With excitement she ate about 8 in a row whilst Ian ate the smallest one possible after Lizzie had licked and rejected it! These pickled onions were lip tinglers!!!!!

With utter excitement Becksie called Aunty Leah to remind her it was pickled onion day only to get a disappointed Aunty Leah who informed us that her pickled onion date is not for another 3 days! There is a word for that……….


Happy weekend folks!


8 thoughts on “A Good Day!

  1. oooh yes!!!…Ive just made pickled red cabbage and piccalilli this week but I must do pickled onions…I LOVE them….be pleased Becksie that Ian and lizzie arn’t keen as it means you get to scoff the lot yourself!

  2. I have a bag of pickling onions waiting to be seen to but I’m still struggling with the deluge of apples, plums, elderberries and spinach which is overwhelming me at the moment so the onions will have to wait. But I did find a random jar of last year’s in the cupboard recently. Bonus!
    Happy crunching!

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