parkin 2Don’t you find reverse parking a pain? He he don’t worry this isn’t a post about parking but…..a post about parkin! Now if you’ve never had parkin your missing out. This lovely ginger cake is a delight. Now Becksie’s nana was the queen of parkin (ironic as she didn’t drive ;)). Becksie has fond memories of eating parkin as a child at nana’s. Over 10 years ago Becksie copied down Nana’s recipe just as Nana had copied it down from her own mother. Becksie had made it a few times and put it in a recipe book for safe keeping.

parkin 1Now…… a few days before Nana’s funeral and what would turn out to be Lizzie’s birthday Becksie and Aunty Leah wanted to make some to share with the family at Nana’s wake. Could we find the recipe? Nope!!! Feeling frustrated we turned to google and the library but we knew the recipes weren’t quite right. In fact many of them requested the addition of oats! I don’t think so!!! As it turned out, as Becksie was feeling a tad funny (hindsight shows us this was probably in fact early labour) Aunty Leah made the cake and reports have it she did a pretty good replica of Nana’s cake, even having to make the recipe up from several wrong versions.

Anyways last week Becksie tried to find this recipe so she could copy it out and send it to Aunty Leah and Cousin Josh and……. once again she couldn’t find it! In frustration and as a desperate measure Becksie asked Ian who came over to the cookery book shelf and found it within about 26 seconds!!! Grrr and also yeahhh! If you’re wondering page 206 of the River Cottage Everyday Cook book!!parkin 4

So in case we lose it again, Lizzie here is a record of your Great Nana’s Parkin recipe. Its a lovely cake and very simple indeed. When we bake it the smell takes us back to Nana’s kitchen in Chesterfield and it is a part of your food heritage.

parkin 3

So with out further ado (and as Nana instructs) we give you Parkin!parkin 5

8 oz syrup

4oz margarine

2oz brown or white sugar

Melt the above in a pan then let cool.

parkin 612 oz Self Raising flour

pinch salt

2 teaspoons ground ginger

Sift into a bowl and make a well in the the centre the add:

1 beaten egg

parkin 7Almost all of a 1/4 pint milk and the syrup mixture into the dry ingredients – stir well! Then add the rest of the milk which has been added then 1 level teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.parkin 8

Bake in a hot oven for 40 minutes (in a deep baking tray).

parkin 9

Nana this one's for you :)

Nana this one’s for you 🙂


13 thoughts on “Parkin

  1. It’s awful when you can’t find a family recipe that you’ve loved all your life, and it’s so exciting when you find it again! With us it was Mums Crunchie recipe, it’s like flapjack but slightly different. Your Parkin looks lovely hope to give it a go soon. Thank you.

  2. As a ‘Southerner’ I had never eaten Parkin until I tasted Nana’s. It was lovely. We had gingerbread as a child but this was crunchy. Parkin is much softer. Lv it mmm

  3. Usually it is my husband that cannot find something right under his nose and I find it in minutes, so got a smile from this. This sounds delicious and extra special as are most handed down generational recipes. Thanks for that trip down memory lane.

  4. It must be that time of year! This is the second parkin recipe I’ve read this morning! It must be a sign- I’ll bake some this weekend 🙂

  5. By “syrup” I assume you mean golden syrup? As opposed to maple syrup, agave syrup or the many other syrups out there…

    I LOVE parkin and can’t wait to try your recipe. I consume mine with Lapsang Souchong for that lovely bonfirey evocation 🙂

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