There is nothing more beautiful than the British countryside. litter 8

Wonderful waterways, beautiful flowers, amazing wildlife and a bevy of goodies available from the natural larder.

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Check out these creatures of the wild enjoying the wonderful countryside

Check out these creatures of the wild enjoying the wonderful countryside

There is one thing that is not so great however, hedgerows filled with litter.

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It makes us sad that people just discard their unwanted rubbish (which is usually always food or drink packaging) anywhere they choose, everywhere you go you are guaranteed to find somebody’s discarded waste spoiling our lovely little country.

For years and years Team Pugh have tutted about littering, but we were recently very very inspired to hear about the Faringdon Litter Pickers, a young band of children who are going round the town collecting litter, trying to clean the town up and bringing a bit of pride back to our streets.

litter 1And so……Ian was walking home tonight from the bus stop, noticed a recently dumped crisp packet only 50 yards or so from a bin and tutted loudly in his head about it. Then it struck him in a moment of inspiration, why not just pick it up as opposed to grumbling about it. Not rocket science at all but it has taken Ian 2 years of the same walk home to realise that he should quit moaning and do something about it!

As if by magic, blown into the hedge, was a carrier bag (the irony of it being from a supermarket did not escape us), and so armed with his litter repository Ian pottered home collecting a bag full of litter.

Ian’s litter picking added no more than a minute to his journey (at most) and brightened up a little bit of Faringdon. Now we know that this cannot change the world, and cannot stop people dropping litter, but as a famous saying (we can’t remember who’s ;)) goes, every little helps. All Ian needs to remember to do is put a (non-supermarket) carrier bag in his coat pocket and his walk home will be the most spotless patch of Faringdon!


8 thoughts on “Litter

  1. What a great attitude to have…you got a “good un” there Becksie!….mmm think Id better go and pick litter out of my front garden …although the culprits are most likely to be the delinquent seagulls we have here!

  2. Well done Ian.Just imagine if everyone in the UK did something positive about the things that make us tut.Now there’s a thought!

  3. I had a big conversation with a friend of mine once, about litter. In particular the throwing away of banana skins. We are both cyclists, and he said it was ok, cos they are biodegradable. I disagreed, because whilst they may be biodegradable, they are not indigenous to this country….

    Which will explain why i cycled home last night with 2 banana skins in my back pocket!

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