A fishy tradition

Becksie loves goldfish. She finds them very restful to watch and for most of her life has had a fishy pal in her life. For some reason though since the last fish died before Lizzie came along the fish tank had been put into retirement!

fish 5Yesterday however, we went on a little potter to Lechlade garden centre and came home with some custard powder and….. three goldfish!fish 3

Don’t panic we are not about to share a goldfish and custard recipe but we would like to introduce you to the newest members of our team! Now as part of our goldfish ownership we have a little tradition of naming the pets after Mammar and Da’s friends! The story goes something like this……. We got two fish and named them after Mamma and Da’s friends Colin and Sue – we don’t know why but we did. Mammar and Da’s friends Martin and Mandy got fish namesake envy so we promised the next two fish would be named after them and so on and so forth! So…… we can reveal that the new fish are called:

Bev, Dave and Val after Mammar and Da’s good friend Bev, Dave and Val! We hope you aren’t offended 😉

from left to right: Val, Mammar, Bev and Dave

from left to right:
Val, Mammar, Bev and Dave

fish 6

From Left to Right:
Dave, Bev and Val

Lizzie the dithdens keeper is now also  in charge of the fishes and has so far helped to set up their home, chosen some lovely stones and fairies to put in the tank and has agreed to feed them as instructed.

fish 2

fish 1

All we need to do is make a background for the tank – we’re considering our options but one thing is for sure it won’t be a scene from a supermarket hehe!