A Sentimental Apple

Sometime shortly after Becksie was born (fast approaching 30 years ago) Da planted an apple tree to commemorate her birth. This apple tree (rather like Becksie hehe) grew into a fine beast! Every year we would gather loads of tasty apples from it!Apple 1

Now 3 years ago Da and Mammar moved out of Becksie’s childhood home (a very sad old day) and we were forced to leave this lovely apple tree behind! Now Da being a clever gardener sort of chap kindly managed to take a graft (or some such technical chat) of the apple tree version of Becksie and now has a mini one of it growing in his new garden. Phew!

A couple of days a go Mammar and Da had a visit from our lovely old neighbours (Pip and Sylvia) who…… brought with them a stash of the apples from Becksie’s tree!! These apples are huge, double tasty and for Becksie sentimental.apple 2

So….. as Becksie is now a ‘keen’ gardener she’s decided to take a pip and grow her own tree! This is of course possible although it may be about 30 years until we are eating apples from this tree (which by then will probably have to be a graft of this tree due to house moves etc). Mammar grew an apple tree from a pip when she was little, this grew into a beautiful apple (and very tall) tree. Becksie also planted a lemon pip about 5 years ago and (with a little help from Da) it now looks like this.apple 3

So……. Becksie is planning to grow a tree from a pip, any tips? Well more instructions actually?!! Thanks in advance, Becksie Charlie Dimmock Pugh!!