Scoop and Save (Jump and Wave)

scoop and save 1Is it just us or when you think scoop and save do you immediately want to say jump and wave – as in….. ‘Scoop and Save, Jump and Wave’!?? Ok yes then! Anyway if you didn’t before you will now!

scoop and save 5A digression indeed…… the question is what happened to ‘scoop and save (jump and wave) shops’? When Becksie was young in the mighty metropolis of Skegness there was a scoop and save (jump and wave) shop. Becksie clearly remembers going with her Grandad and being allowed to scoop the items into the bags. The bins were red with a plastic white scoop. Ian also recalls a  similar shop that he used to visit with his Nan.

scoop and save 2Nowadays the only place we ever see this kind of shopping is on trips to Devon! What’s Devon got that we haven’t? Now Millets Farm have frozen ‘scoop and save, jump and wave’ selling fruit, vegetables and baked goods but……. what about everywhere else?

scoop and save 3Questions are:

1) What happened to these shops?

2) Does anyone know of one local to us?

3) Do you have fond scoop and save, jump and wave memories?

4) Are they not around for hygiene reasons?

5) Do they actually help you save (wave)?

6) Can someone open one in Faringdon?

scoop and save 4