Local shopping on holiday

As when we went on our mini holiday Mammar and Da kindly brought the food with them (a thai curry, cooked breakfast by Da, homemade pizza, crumble and cake by mammar) we didn’t actually do a local shop to our holiday (if that makes sense).

Mammar makes homemade pizza

Mammar makes homemade pizza

So….. in order to put our money into the local economy we decided to stop in Barnstaple on the way back to do our shopping for the week. How exciting!

An awesome market………….

Barnstaple 3

A street called butchers row with a lovely selection of local shops.

Barnstaple 1

Barnstaple 7

A lovely farmshop………

Barnstaple 2

Barnstaple 4

A fabulous place to ‘local shop’ (on the way back from holiday). Here’s the haul:

Barnstaple 6

Barnstaple 5 A total spend of £17.20!!

We can highly recommend this as a ‘local’ shopping destination – totally no need for a supermarket!


8 thoughts on “Local shopping on holiday

  1. What a good idea sampling the local shops. i love to have a good mooch around markets snd buy a local paper when we’re on holiday to make the most of the different area! It looks lovely – especially all those almost iridescent purple plums at the market. We had scrummy home made Victoria plum crumble with this weeks fruit/veg box plum glut. My willing assistants (age 7 and 9) freestyled and added cinnamon to the fruit layer and oats to the topping- it was fab! What are you ‘crumbling’ at the mo? Have you noticed that apples are a bit later this year? Not many good bramleys to be had yet, or is it just me? Xx

  2. We make a point when we’re on holiday of using the local shops. So often when we’re camping we see folk turn up with their cars (or more likely 4 x 4’s) stuffed to the roof with bags from M&S, Waitrose etc – we do wonder whether some of these folk realise there are actually shops outside Chelsea?! Barnstaple’s market looks fantastic – once again I find myself feeling jealous of those who have such excellent shopping alternatives nearby! Sadly I bet only a tiny proportion of the areas tourists ever go near it!

    • Hmm, I’ve never thought about this before. I guess I do this (don’t have a 4×4 though let me assure you) when I go camping because it’s ‘how it’s done’ – will definitely try to find time for local holiday shopping next time, although I slightly resent spending my holiday shopping I could try to enjoy it!

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