Local shopping on holiday

As when we went on our mini holiday Mammar and Da kindly brought the food with them (a thai curry, cooked breakfast by Da, homemade pizza, crumble and cake by mammar) we didn’t actually do a local shop to our holiday (if that makes sense).

Mammar makes homemade pizza

Mammar makes homemade pizza

So….. in order to put our money into the local economy we decided to stop in Barnstaple on the way back to do our shopping for the week. How exciting!

An awesome market………….

Barnstaple 3

A street called butchers row with a lovely selection of local shops.

Barnstaple 1

Barnstaple 7

A lovely farmshop………

Barnstaple 2

Barnstaple 4

A fabulous place to ‘local shop’ (on the way back from holiday). Here’s the haul:

Barnstaple 6

Barnstaple 5 A total spend of £17.20!!

We can highly recommend this as a ‘local’ shopping destination – totally no need for a supermarket!