Wood ‘n Chairs

So as we blogged the other day we spent the weekend in a lovely holiday lodge with all bills included in the price. This was a real treat for Becksie as scrooge, sorry Ian, says that it is too expensive and he won’t let her put the heating on at home, so said holiday heating was well and truly cranked up!

cold chilly cold

Back home and with the heating police well and truly on the case there seems nothing for it than to dig out the hot water bottles and strike up our fire, though we have even been putting that off, not through lack of wood to burn, but because over the summer we swept, cleaned and polished it and repainted the chimney breast and don’t want to get it all dirty!

truth is we couldn't find a tidy photo of our fire or....... be bothered to clean it to take a show home style photo hehe


Thankfully when we do take that giant leap and light it we do have plenty of wood to burn, thanks to Ian’s magpie like spotting, collecting and hoarding of all things wooden, yes, he is not ashamed to say it, he has a wood-collecting obsession.

It seems that everyone has a little obsession like Ian’s, something that they can’t bear to either throw away or leave behind in a skip or charity shop. Ian’s is wood, Mammar’s is glasses, Grandpa Pugh’s is useful bits of rag, and Ian has recently discovered Becksie’s……..chairs!!

chairs 1

It seems that lately a week does not go by without Becksie sending Ian a picture of a chair or 4 she has just purchased. What once met with a slightly irked ‘do we really need that’ message in return is now greeted with a more bemused message along the lines of ‘oh so you have been chair shopping again?’ Whilst the chairs Becksie buys are lovely a quick count and we reckon we could seat about 20 people for dinner (if we had a table big enough that is).

Some that Ian managed to drag Becksie away from....

Some that Ian managed to drag Becksie away from….

It would have been 21 if it had not been for the chair disaster we had a few weeks ago. Talking of the said chair disaster Ian scooped up the broken bits and, rather than attempt to fix it, broke it up further to put in his wood shed, so….. perhaps Becksie’s chair buying isn’t so bad for Ian, at least it all helps add to the wood supplies!


jenny 3

Chair disaster!!





2 thoughts on “Wood ‘n Chairs

  1. ooh lovely toasty fire…Im jealous!….I gave in and switched the radiators on this week only to find they wouldn’t come on…fortunately our upstairs neighbour is a plumber so he has been fiddling with it and got it going but will need some new parts to sort it out completely…Kate doesn’t care what it takes…just get it fixed…she doesn’t do cold and shivering quietly!….so Becksie what is it with the chairs?….are you planning to upgrade to a mansion for dinner parties…or have lots of little Lizzies to sit on them!…..mmm says the girl with three dolls houses….David really cant understand that “little” obsession!

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