Last weeks shop

In the excitement of having a holiday and a blog holiday (thank you sooo much Ellie) it may have slipped our mind to tell you about the shopping!

last week Now last week was a two pronged attack – firstly ingredients from Burford Garden Centre and then a lovely selection of delights from Faringdon.

shopping post 1

We have noticed for a few weeks we have mostly been living on our free produce from Da’s garden and (to quote HFW) the wild larder, so shops have been less and it has even got hard to do the shopping post. Last week though we felt like we stocked up a bit so…… our total spend weighed in at £38.90. Honey, chocolate, golden syrup, loo roll, flour, tomato puree (we challenge you to make a meal from that lot hehe).

Lovely stuff and we even cashed in a voucher we had got through the door for a free pot of olives from the deli when you spent £6 on the deli counter. Happy shoppers with lovely full bellies. Don’t worry all our meals last week weren’t golden syrup and loo roll based, we did have some Lizzie’s rice pudding and…… of course a tonne of vegetables from Da!


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  1. I do think you do incredibly well in remembering to take photos of your shops…Im hopeless, I have all good intentions to photograph and blog our VegBox meals and then remember as we are scoffing down the last mouthful!!…hopeless!…do Burford Garden Centre sell groceries now?…ps becksie there is a “little” parcel on its way to you…I hope you like it!

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