Our lovely (*free) holiday in Woolacombe!

wool 1We’ve been writing this blog since October 2012 and in that time we have received a multitude of offers to review this product and that, link to this site or the other and…. we have said no to all of the offers. Why? Well this blog is about us and our voyage of discovery and not an advertising forum! However all this said a while ago an offer was proposed that….. seemed too good to be true!

wool 17Now most offers that seem too good to be true usually turn out to be so but….. It would seem not this one. So after very careful consideration we decided that we should indeed accept the offer of a free holiday in return for a blog post about our time away. We apologise if you feel this is an error on our part but we are after all a family trying our hardest to pay our way in an expensive world and we decided this holiday was a reward! So….. here we found ourselves in a Gold Lodge at the Golden Coast in Woolacombe!wool 6

We arrived about 5pm on Friday and as we drove up the drive we came face to face with……. an on site supermarket called Fresco’s! Well that’s a bit of the park we could not explore! wool 18We collected our key from reception – we did our very best Roger Cook face and we think they suspected nothing. We found our lodge and were extremely pleasantly surprised.wool 2 A lovely kitchen (with the same cooker hood as us – a sign of great taste) a very shiny new bathroom, a dining room, a sitting room, a shoe cupboard  and three excellent sized bedrooms. All in all….. more space than Team Pugh HQ!wool 3 Later on Mamma and Da joined us – they also like a freebie!

The outdoor pool - it was however a little too cold to use it :(

The outdoor pool – it was however a little too cold to use it 😦

The site had a great selection of things to do including an indoor swimming pool, arcade and soft play for Ian, sorry we mean Lizzie. Just a few miles down the road was the lovely Woolacombe beach, slots and holiday type shops. wool 9

wool 5

wool 8Now on both Saturday and Sunday with Mammar as our babysitter Becksie, Ian and Da went for a dip in the lovely clear sea. On Saturday the weather was lovely so only Becksie hired a wetsuit but as the weather was a) very windy and b) extremely wet on the Sunday we all hired wetsuits and body boards. For two hours they were just £6 per person – a bargain! To say we had fun is an understatement! With the wind howling, the rain pouring and the waves bashing to the shore it was totally amazing. The beach at Woolacombe is extremely clean and very well patrolled by lifeguards! A fab place, and well worth a visit if you have never been!

wool 4

During our stay we visited nearby Ilfracombe and not only saw Verity but a lovely local food deli and….. much to Da’s delight the camra pub of the year. We also had some pips! That’s Lizzie talk for chips!

wool 7

wool 11

As Ian came on holiday to Woolacombe as a child we were able to take a trip (or five) down memory lane and visit some of Ian’s old holiday haunts such as the lovely Sunset amusements and take in the sights of Mortehoe!

wool 16

wool 14On the Saturday night a few of us took a stroll on Woolacombe beach and took in the delights of Woolacombe by night – it was lovely and with the aid of welly boots and warm coats a very pleasant walk.

wool 12Now……. Holiday style entertainment is not very Team Pugh but as we were being Roger Cook off we went to cash bingo on the park….. we…… didn’t win as…….. we arrived too late to buy our tickets – doh!! Oh well!

Lizzie LOVED the ducks that visited our lodge

Lizzie LOVED the ducks that visited our lodge

So there you have it our review of the Golden Coast resort, our Gold Lodge and Woolacombe. We hope you aren’t cross we decided to take this holiday.

wool 15

Wish you were here, weather’s weird, lots of love Team Pugh xx



17 thoughts on “Our lovely (*free) holiday in Woolacombe!

  1. You lucky chaps-how did you swing that one?!
    Looks fabulous. Don’t feel bad. You deserve some kind of reward for all your hard work 🙂

  2. I think its a great idea for you all to go – now we can see for ourselves how nice woolacombe park is and maybe go ourselves, so much better than reading about it in a brochure. I’m sure you needed a good break since you’ve been entertaining us lot for a whole year almost! Barnstaple, not far from Woolacombe has an excellent indoor market in a beautiful Victorian building and a lovely old terrace of shops called Butchers Row and both are just superb, they have fantastic food at sensible prices. Its only a short journey for next time you go.

  3. That was a wonderful report as was seeing such a lovely area of your country. My but your daughter is just beautiful, love seeing her pictures. Yesterday’s pictures of her making rice pudding ( a favourite childhood food memory of mine) was delightful.
    I am so enjoying your blog.

  4. How fabulous for you all to get together, and lovely to promote the Good Old British holiday by the seaside…it fits in rather well with I think for getting back to the simple life…I remember fondly all my childhood holidays every year on the Isle of Wight and have far more happy memories of those than any of the expensive trips abroad as an adult since!

  5. Love that you were abke to get a holiday out of this! You’re only human after all and I don’t think anyone will blame you for accepting an offer you couldn’t refuse 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed your freebie holiday a just reward. As a child we never went on a “proper” holiday because we lived in the countryside near Skegness, our high lite of the 6 weeks hols was a trip to the Fairy dell paddling pool or Gib Point, in those days ( the 60’s ) not many people knew about it, mainly the locals so it was a great place to get a way from the crowds. ( Peter Scot used to net and ring the birds some where down there) My next holiday is a Sun bargain break at £9.50 each, I’ve been to some very nice sea side places with them, like you money is tight, so they are a blessing for me. I only wish i’d discovered them sooner.

  6. Not so much a freebie, more of a review, always good to have from people who you know are real and not a review that may be a bit suspect. I think you did a good job. People who have a strong moral sense are the ones who usually examine their own motives for doing things : you should be proud of yourselves for the way you live.

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