Mr Spider Legs

Regular blog readers will know that Team Pugh have, and love several pets, 5 chickens and 3 cats to be exact. It never ceases to amaze us that small furry or feathery animals can co-exist with, communicate with and provide affection to giant human beings (and even little ones)!

We did not start with the chickens, or even the cats, but our first pets as ‘Team Pugh’ were in fact 2 hamster which we had in our first little flat (or not, if you happen to be our old landlord). We then moved on to lovely Katie the cat (again not in the flat, Mr old landlord).

Off for a stroll again

Off for a stroll again

After a move to a house with a garden we adopting a cat we found advertised for free in the local Post Office (helpfully already named La La), who routinely escaped to her old (allergic) owner, meaning we had to troll round with the cat box every 3 days or so for the first 6 weeks to get her, until she eventually gave in to our persistence. Another move and some more small critters, Robert the Guinea Pig and Ray the Rabbit (or Mr Dirty as Ian liked to call him). Robert and Ray headed off to a hopefully better place, and Katie had kittens, two of which were Jake and Jessica.Pets 1

We added the first batch of chickens to the brood and moved the whole lot to our current home of Faringdon. Not long after we moved here we found a spider living on our kitchen window. Neither Ian or Becksie are afraid of spiders, and where they would normally scoop them up and deposit them out of the window, but for some reason neither moved him, and after a few days and quite an impressive web having been spun Mr Spider Legs (as he was known) became an unspoken  Team Pugh pet. We would feed him flies that we had disposed of, tiny meat scraps, and chat to him whilst doing the washing up.  3 months or so went by, Mr Spider Legs grew bigger and bigger, and we were jolly pleased with our new pet. Then one day, completely out of the blue, Katie the cat got up off the sofa, jumped on the worktop, then window, clamped her jaws round Mr Spider Legs and spat his body back onto the window sill. To say Ian and Beksie were unimpressed is an understatement! We are not sure what poor Mr Spider Legs did to offend Katie, but he messed with the wrong cat!

Who, me??

Who, me??

We blogged a little while ago about how Lizzie is enjoying looking after the chickens (today was a 4 egg day, but only 3 made it whole back to the house, oops), and she is really interested in other animals too, from big roars (lions) to tiny ladybirds, all animals seem to fascinate her. This can only mean one thing, lots of pets, and even more requests for pets coming our way. We really want to let Lizzie experience as much as possible, but we have 3 rules; no snakes, no frogs and no ants in the house (once they are in, they are in)! I am sure she will find her own pet spiders, worms, snails and bugs, though we will have to tell her to make sure she doesn’t tell Katie where they are!


8 thoughts on “Mr Spider Legs

  1. Sad to hear about Mr Spider Legs. It’s the time of year that spiders start to head indoors so he may be replaced sooner rather than later! My middle child is a nature-girl and I often have to ‘set free’ new household members. Once when age 2 middle child brought a toad in and put it in the washing machine – completely unbeknown to me. The first I knew of it was upon opening the door to find the warty corpse following a 40degree quick wash and extra spin! I never felt happy with that washing machine again. More recently I did a load of school cardigans and only checked the pockets as I was hanging them on the line. This time I found 3 acorns, a pine cone and two snail shells – with their owners still inside them!!! Death by washing machine – I really don’t want that bring a regular event so am scrutinising the washing basket very carefully!

  2. Im afraid Im with KatieCat on the spider front…definitely not welcome overnight guests in my house and both Williamcat and DH are total spider wimps so yours truly has to do the dastardly deeds!

  3. Room for a pony? haha! Otherwise rats make great pets for small children but might be bit difficult with the cats as they need daily exercise outside of their cage. I have also had ‘illegal’ gerbils, hamsters and cats! Pets are just too important…

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