Team Pugh love living in the UK for lots of reasons, but one of our favourite things about Britain is our wonderful seasons. Winter for the cold nights, warm fires and snow, spring for the early flowers, new wildlife and longer days and glorious summer for evenings that stretch until 10 pm and the sun (at least this year anyway)!Autumn 1

And then there is autumn. When Team Pugh thinks of autumn we picture leaves blowing beautifully in the wind, conkers line the streets and squirrels can be seen everywhere collecting acorns ready for a cold winter.

What we have realised this week is that autumn actually means rain. Not the nice, warm, summer rain that you can gladly walk in, just cold, grey rain that makes the whole world look, well……….a little drab.Autumn 2

Autumn, and the rainy season, means the start of two of life’s little irritations. Irritation number 1, drying washing. There is something wonderful about being able to wash and dry 3 or 4 loads of washing on a hot day in the summer, but something much less wonderful about having damp washing everywhere in the colder months. Having a wood stove helps as it kicks out a lot of heat and you can fill the room with washing before bed, but still in a small house airers full of wet clothes are not good, especially with a fully mobile toddler on the loose.autumn 4

Irritation number 2, brought on by the rainy season is wet and muddy cat prints. everywhere. We have a large doormat by our back door, and despite constant asking/pleading/begging the cats still refuse to wipe their feet on the way in, thus resulting in constant trails of prints across the kitchen floor and (if the cats are feeling particularly naughty the kitchen table). Grrrrrrrr!!

Who, me??

Who, me??

Ah well, time to get the fire struck up, get the mop on standby, to remember to put a jumper on in the morning, to carry Lizzie’s rain coat and buggy rain cover everywhere and face the music, or rather the rain!