We believe in local shopping! We have proved that it is possible to live without the supermarket! We have even shown it has saved us money! Yet…… right now we feel our cause is futile!


Everytime we drive in and out of Faringdon we see the ‘progress’ of the new Faringdon Tesco!  A huge construction with signs telling us of the imminent arrival of a helpful baker, butcher etc etc! Every time we go passed we shout about already having a fabulous baker, butcher etc yet….. they continue to build! We shout louder as ‘every little helps’.  And now….. we hear news that Costa might be coming to town! We have some lovely coffee shops in Faringdon already!

It would seem clone towndom is upon us!

It seems it is futile just like painting the rest of our garden chairs now!

futile 2

Over and out!


36 thoughts on “Futile!

  1. Oh no! I think the only way forward is for you, and others like you, to keep up the sterling work. If you make a decision not to set foot inside Tesco and Costa, and keep supporting your local traders hopefully others will do the same. I hope Faringdon can retain it’s unique independant shops. You are so lucky to have that right on your doorstep. Keep going. You’re inspiring me and others to be like you. Your efforts are not futile!! 🙂

  2. No not futile, it takes people like you to make people like me stop and think about where they spend their money…the big boys are here to stay but if some of us can decide at least to make some of our shopping with a local independent it could be enough to keep them in business….every little bit helps as they say….and thanks to Team Pugh for the wake up call…you guys keep shouting…louder Becksie …louder!!!!

  3. Sounds like you need this …
    “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead

  4. DLTBGYD! Every little does help and the more of us that reject Tesco and Costa (and all the other chains) the better our High Streets will be!!

  5. i live in the USA and follow your blog from over here, i wish i could enjoy and support the local shops that you have in your town. Dont give up im sure you have inspired others. to shop local, think healthy and organic and even keep chickens. Keep up the cause!!!

  6. Its so easy for us all to feel defeated. I question my decision not to eat meat on the same basis. Im not against eating meat, just factory farming. Everywhere in my city is Burger King, Mc Donalds ect. What impact can I really have? If I stop for a sandwich there never seems to be anything without cheap meat. But, I push on anyway. We know how we feel about our choices. I live in a pretty big city in Ireland. I have watched so many unique shops get replaced by chains. The city looks like anywhere now. You have inspired me to look beyond all that. Luckily we have a huge indoor market, which I can support and eat comfortably- I only caved on three items this week. Id like to get to where you are, thank you. You do make a difference 🙂

  7. Oh no!!! I get so fed up with seeing them everywhere with their identikit designs. We don’t even have proper shops in our high st in cirencester now

  8. No no not futile. If nobody in Faringdon goes to the new shop they will get a very clear message. Concentrate on promoting the small, quality establishments. Well done for making a stand. Just imagine if the new Superstore was to remain unused. It would be so funny to see it like a ghost town. Maybe people could use it as a free two hour car park while they visit the town!

  9. spare a thought for those of us without a car – Tesco supply a free bus to their nearest store, I can take my trolley on board and get a weeks shopping, have a cup of coffee and socialise with other bus users. I know I would prefer to shop locally, but we havent got a greengrocer or an independent grocer, we only have Waitrose or the farmers market once a month or an organic greengrocer once a week for 3 hrs. Without a car its hard to carry goods like potatoes and milk and other heavy items. I love what you do, and love reading your blog, but for me its the impossible dream! Pat Falconer, Wallingford

    • As we have said before we understand that for some people this challenge wouldn’t work and this is not a campaign against supermarkets 🙂 we are pleased to hear that you are able to make use of the good services they offer. Thank you so much for reading and supporting

  10. Agreed to all the above comments. BUT It’s not just up to Team Pugh to save Faringdon, we all have to resolve not to take the easy route and to support independent retailers. I work in an independent Christian Bookshop/coffeeshop in Newbury and we are struggling to survive against the likes of Amazon. Newbury has a charter market on Thursdays and Saturdays which was excellent when we first moved here a lot of years ago. It almost died but thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of a few independent traders it is growing. Working together people can change the situation if we don’t just sit down and accept Big Business’ view of how our towns should look.

  11. I’ve read your blog for ages now and have enjoyed following your lovely family . But this is the first time I have felt compelled to speak ………don’t let them get you down . You have inspired me to shop in a different way , yes I still go to the supermarket, hangs head slightly in shame, but I now also shop locally and at the farmers market . The local butcher recognises us and we have a chat and that’s nice. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my town thanks to team pugh . Let’s see a smiley picture of Lizzie ( cute as she is with her chin on her hand !)

  12. Reading your blog inspires me to shop locally where possible. So you are making a difference. And then I tell all my friends and family about how much money they can save, and what better quality they can get by going to their local green grocers or farmers market.

  13. No not futile at all! Team Pugh is very effective. I started shopping locally when we were without a car for 18 months and couldn’t do the big supermarket shop. I discovered three things – how much quicker it was to shop locally, how much nicer it was and how much cheaper. We do use a small supermarket (the co-op) in a nearby town for some groceries but buy bread, meat, fruit&veg from local independent shops. I haven’t been into a Tesco/Aldi/Sainsburys/ etc for months now. No-one will believe it’s cheaper and quicker to shop locally. However, here are 3 small glimmers of hope – my son texted me for the link to your blog as he had read an article about some of the techniques supermarkets use to get us to buy things we don’t really need; a butcher has returned to our village – he opened initially 2 days a week but has recently increased to 3 days because people are using him; and an application has been approved for an ice-cream parlour – not essential I know but it will encourage people to stay local and shop. So keep up the good work team Pugh. The tide may well be turning.

  14. Just think of every blog readers & every radio listener that ha heard about your blog & think if just 10% shopped a little more often… you’re doing an amazing job!

  15. Our nearest town recently started a campaign to get everyone to spend £5 a week locally. I can’t remember how much they said it would generate for local business but it was a significant amount. Most people will continue to use supermarkets for a lot of their shopping but even if they switch just some of their spending to local shops it would have a great effect.

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