We believe in local shopping! We have proved that it is possible to live without the supermarket! We have even shown it has saved us money! Yet…… right now we feel our cause is futile!


Everytime we drive in and out of Faringdon we see the ‘progress’ of the new Faringdon Tesco!  A huge construction with signs telling us of the imminent arrival of a helpful baker, butcher etc etc! Every time we go passed we shout about already having a fabulous baker, butcher etc yet….. they continue to build! We shout louder as ‘every little helps’.  And now….. we hear news that Costa might be coming to town! We have some lovely coffee shops in Faringdon already!

It would seem clone towndom is upon us!

It seems it is futile just like painting the rest of our garden chairs now!

futile 2

Over and out!