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free 1We recently blogged about food for free, which got us thinking about getting other things for free.

This is a bit of a double-edged sword, as Team Pugh love a good deal (such as things, for free) but also Ian has a serious hoarding issue. Freecycle is a bit of a gem for this, and the daily barrage of emails Ian receives to his phone bring a world of possibility (and to be fair to Ian not all that much junk). Some useful things are acquired, some unuseful (to us) things are disposed of, all in all a very useful process we often refer to as a ‘tat exchange’.

Ian currently has several bits of tat that he is on the watch for, and other things crop up ‘that will definitley be useful one day’. There are also several items on Ian’s radar that he is considering disposing of, but has not quite made the jump (such as the crate of assorted wires in his shed that are only useful if you are living in 2004).free 2

As great as Freecycle is there is one form of ‘tat gathering’ that Team Pugh loves even more….a dump stuff outside your house and let people take what they want kind of event, usually completely spontaneously found and some real gems to be found, such as our lovely pink chair, old metal chest and (not so much) a 1980s knitting machine we once got from outside a house being cleared (the knitting machine was trialled but ‘tat exchanged’ a few months

This all really goes back to the issue of waste, and like food waste the amount of good, usuable items that go into landfill or just fester is shocking, maybe what the world needs is a big warehouse where anything usable that people didn’t want could be taken and people could go and get things they needed? How amazing would that be? We did come across community repaint a little while ago which is like the warehouse (which we calls tatsville) but for paint – brilliant idea!

So, aims for next week, obtain large warehouse and launch national media campaign and pass on some of our useful but unused items. Hmm, might be a bit ambitious, perhaps we will just start small and find a retro enthusiast for Ian’s wires…..


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  1. Ian is not the only man who keeps things that might be useful! My hubby until fairly recently liked to keep bits of wood… “They might be useful one day” and I have to say many bits were useful! My son in law has an identical wiring box to Ian’s which one day he’s going to sort! But us girls can’t talk because we are just as bad I have boxes of “useful” material and wool (im gradually using it up for quilting projects and various knitted items for the family), and books that can’t be parted with…..mostly children’s … Which I read to the grandchildren and tell them the stories of their parents and the book in the past. BUT as you say we are really being good, saving things from Landfill and being careful with the worlds resources. Carry on being good recyclers, careful shoppers and thoughtful parents I only wish many others would see the light!

  2. When I put something a while ago the gentleman that picked it up said that if he needed something he always asked on freecycle first and if nobody offers it to him only then would he buy it.Thus he saved the world from more waste . I thought this was a good idea

  3. I love the bit about ‘only useful if you’re living in 2004’ We used to have a bag like that!! Fortunately our recent house move has meant a massive clear out of over 8 years of accumated hoarding!!! Including: 7 boxes to charity shops and 3 car loads to the recycling centre. I still have 6 boxes to take to the charity shop! In addition to the 3 bags of clothes I’ve sorted and saved for my neice and the box of ‘special’ baby clothes my mother-in-law has kindly offered to make into a keepsake quilt for on my sofa! Whilst this does mean is lots of lovely new stock for our local charity shops (I’ve tried to share out amongst them all) its also definitely put an end to any ideas I may have had about a fourth baby :-/ !!

    • Moving is always a good time to clear stuff out, last time we moved house Ian had a massive clear out and got rid of a lot of his previously stored ‘useful items’, though he still managed to fill half the removal van with items from his shed and the garden!

  4. Tatsville! I love this idea. We have a zipvan registration which is pretty much entirely aimed at making use of Tatsville items we see by the side of the road. (initially it was to move house but that reason is almost a year out of date) I’m not allowed on Freecycle because I get far too excited – for this reason It’s strictly limited to when we are looking for something in particular. sigh.

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