We haven’t for some time mentioned our lovely chickens, nor the slightly evil one Sharon (although of late she has mellowed quite a lot).

Chickens 1The hot weather seems to have caught up with them and egg production is now a steady 2ish eggs a day, which is about perfect for Team Pugh’s consumption needs. The most exciting thing about the chickens of late though is that Lizzie has become rather attached to them. As soon as Ian walks through the door from work she smiles, says dadda (sometimes) then starts wildly gesticulating and saying dithden dithden (which is Lizzie-speak for chicken, obviously).Dithdens 2

Red wellies on, off Lizzie go to do the most important of jobs, afternoon snacks and egg collecting!Dithdens 3

Lizzie, little bucket in hand, scoops up some pellets and corn and (with a little help from Dad) drops it over the fence. Next job is into the pen to check if we have any eggs, Dad to scramble to the back of the hutch to get them out and Lizzie to put them in her bucket, ready to take up to Mum! The best bit is that Lizzie follows them round stroking them and laughs hysterically if they peck at her clothes or shoes, she is far less scared of them than her mum and only just bigger than any of them, chicken-keeping must run in the family! Let’s just hope that she doesn’t try to play circus chickens with them like Grandpa Pugh used to as a boy!Dithdens 1