Shopping Time – Week 43

That’s right folks we’ve only gone and once again forgotten to tell you all about this weeks shopping on our…….. shopping blog!

shopping 3We guess we should apologise for this, but the truth is the further we go with our year without supermarkets the less it becomes about shopping. You see our year without supermarkets instead of being radical and exciting has simply become our way of life. We are so sorry we can’t seem to make this more interesting. This weeks shop was done at Faringdon Farmers market and once again was minimal due to more free vegetables from Da and apples and blackberries galore. shopping 4

Total spend £21.60 total saving on the £50 budget £28.40.

So this is week 43. We have managed to never go over our budget and have saved a grand total of £654.48. Fabulous. shopping 2

We have also reduced our average weekly shop to (drum roll please)……£34.77.

Our food waste is honestly zero (well banana, orange, onion skins etc). shopping 1

We have both lost weight but……. we do miss supermarket own brand peanut butter and occasionally would probably like the convenience of the supermarket but…….. so far so good!

Happy weekend folks 🙂