Rich Pickings

Caught red handed!

Caught red handed!

Yesterday we blogged about the amount of cabbages we have on our hands a wee while ago it was beans. Today we discuss blackberries! Now these little fellows are pretty much dripping off some nearby bushes and in true Team Pugh spirit we know we can not let them go to waste! black 2They are a) delicious and b) food for free! Food that ‘dans le supermarche’ people often pay a fortune for a small (out of season) (often tasteless) punnet! Hands up? Who’s guilty? black 3Get out there get picking! Get freezing! Keep  tuning in for some blackberry recipes!

Now Team Pugh are trying to source another freezer to host these delights and…….. Lizzie’s picking training is going very very well! black 8As with most fruit and vegetables one stores in the freezer its a good idea to freeze them flat on a tray then put in bags later. That way they don’t clump up meaning you can take exactly the amount you require!

So where to start on our blackberry using journey? Hows about apple and blackberry muffins?BLACK4

We decided to adapt our much tried and tested and loved french breakfast muffins and make use of our cinnamon sugar. Basically use the same ingredients and method but at the final stage add a teaspoon of cinnamon, a medium cooking apple chopped and a generous amount of blackberries. black 6black 5Instead of putting cinnamon sugar on the muffins when they come our of the oven sprinkle on before baking (no melted butter required on the top either)!

Delicious!black 7


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  1. I’ve been blackberry picking today also, will look forward to all the recipes – the only one in my repertoire is blackberry and apple crumble!

  2. I would never buy blackberries!! Crumble is always good and we still have some left from last year. The method you describe is called ‘open freezing’ and is a good one to prevent a soggy clump of fruit when all you want is a few berries. Must get out with Daisy’s ‘ Daddad’ to pick some blackberries soon

  3. we have been picking blackberries for the last couple of weeks, in total over 16kg! I’ve made Bramble Jelly with some and the rest are in the freezer ready to be transformed into the most delicious blackberry wine! I’ll be sharing the recipes on my blog very soon and look forward to seeing your recipes as I may have a few left over!

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