Cabbage Glut!

Recently we have found ourselves in possession of multiple cabbages! We’ve been eating cabbage in a multitude of ways and thought this particular way was rather good. This recipe comes from Becksie’s first ever cookery book and goes something like this:

cabbage 5Super quick supper with Becksie tweaks:

Take a cabbage, remove the leaves whole and steam for ten minutes. How many we hear you cry? Well the trick is to choose the bowl you will use and then guess how many leaves it will take to fill it.cabbage 1

Whilst the cabbage is steaming away go to your vegetable storage solution (for us the fridge) and choose a few different types. Chop into small cubes – how many? Enough to fill the same bowl the cabbage leaves will line! And enough to put on top of the filling! Confused? Nah you know what we mean.

cabbage 3Transfer the veg into another deeper bowl. Add a good few twists of pepper and a good sprinkling of salt. Add a couple of eggs. About 1/2 pint of milk (if your feeling a) rich and b) naughty cream would be lovely or you could do half and half). Add a generous handful of cheese and mix it up! Mix it up! If you feel like its too hard to mix a dash more milk or another egg can be added.

cabbage 2cabbage 4By now the cabbage leaves will be ready. Grease the bowl you have choosen then, ensuring the cabbage is not wet (sorry this is very rambly), line the bowl.cabbage 8 Add the veg / egg mix some knobs of butter and top with the remaining cabbage.cabbage 7

Bake in a hot oven for about 35 mins! The cabbage on top will brown but is actually delicious, however if browned cabbage is not doing it for you could replace with a breadcrumb top, or just cheese.

Now the original recipe says you can flip this dish out onto a plate – we could not be bothered and just served it from the dish. It tastes so lovely and works hot or as we found out the next day cold! Perfect! We are thinking of making another with grilled halloumi chunks added to the vegetable mix and breadcrumbs on top or maybe a haslet and cheese crust!

Basically this recipe is basic, nutritious, easy, great for leftovers and has a huge scope to be creative! Amazing! Oooo Becksie has just had an idea to include rice…………