Progress Report

garden 3A short while ago we blogged about how Becksie was starting to enjoy gardening! Well that was a little while ago so we thought that tonight’s blog should be a showcase of how we are getting on with the garden. Have we a) given up or b) carried on?

And……. the answer is option B! Yes that’s right folks we have weeded and watered and we are rather proud of our little garden. Basically this is a self congratulatory post. Sorry folks we realise this is probably more boring than viewing someone elses holiday photos. Enjoy 😉

back garden hanging basket!

back garden hanging basket!


Check it out!

Check it out!


garden 6


Still the right shape (but.... need a trim up very soon)

Still the right shape (but…. need a trim up very soon)

Watch out Chelsea!!

Watch out Chelsea!!


garden 2


PS – The garden furniture painting is still no further but………… we have painted some of the fence! Go Team Pugh.


14 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Well done! It’s taken a year of hard work by the fabulous Dave to get our garden into shape so I think we qualify as worse gardeners!!! (and no veggies, either!!)

      • I’ve never tried, (I don’t grow enough fuchsias), but I’ve found this ‘recipe’ online-

        600 g ripe fuchsia berries
        200 g sugar
        juice of half a lemon
        2 tbs pectin (or use the old apple skin/cores in a bag trick)

        The thing to remember with edible ornamentals (dahlias are another) is that they haven’t been bred for flavour, only looks. So which ones taste nice is rather hit and miss (says James Wong).
        I have no idea if fuchsia flowers or leaves are edible by the way 🙂

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