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2 birds 1 6It’s that time of year when villages have their annual produce show! Becksie loves a good show and is getting ready for a show next week (more to follow eeek!). Today was the village show where Mammar and Grandad Gray live and Grandad Gray (now christened Da by Lizzie) entered some of his veggies into the mix! Lets just say he did rather well, winning a prize in all of the classes he entered, including ‘Best in Show’ for his onions and getting the fruit and vegetable cup. We are very very proud of Da and feel honoured that we get prize winning veggies for free on a regular basis!2 birds 1 5

Also on show were some lovely looking flowers and arrangements (which Da was judging so could not enter), some breads and some very scrummy looking cakes. The cake table reminded Becksie of a cake she made for a nearby village show last year and although hers wasn’t best in show it was a very tasty recipe!! Please note she may have not got placed in the cake but she was highly commended in the flower arranging and second in the chutney hehe!!!

2 birds 4

Here is the recipe as photographed from the Lechlade village show guide. Apologies if this is the incorrect recipe credit for the recipe! Good luck its a cracker of a cake!  2 birds 1

2 birds 2

2 birds 3


6 thoughts on “Best in Show

  1. Well done Grandad Gray! What a haul of prizes! And also well done to Becksie, commended is no mean feat! We went to our (nearly) local farm where we buy bird seed today (they are renowned for growing crops for bird seed, even been on national tv) and noticed for the first time a lovely array of veggies, and cheaper and organic! I think I may be going back there soon for us not the birds!

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