Happy Birthday

Why is there never the right letters you need!!?

Why is there never the right letters you need!!?

Dear readers

Today is…….. Ian’s birthday!

Taken a year ago on Ian's last birthday!

Taken a year ago on Ian’s last birthday!

Happy Birthday Ian.

Happy birthday daddy. bday 2

Today we are doing one of our ‘it’s a special day’ so were posting a quick filler post but basically having a day off from blogging but still posting rather like here, here and herebday 3

We do hope you forgive us and we promise to be back to full service as soon as possible and who knows we might even have some adventures to share with you.

Lots of love

Team Pugh 


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Happy birthday Ian – absolutely love your blog.
    Hope you are having a fab day………..x

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  2. Hey, its my birthday too!!! Happy birthday Ian!! It’s a great time to have a birthday, especially when its a sunday. I tried to convince my hubby I should have a birthday eve and a birthday boxing day but he wasn’t having any of it. One of my pressies was an old zinc baby bath so I can plant salad things in it and bring them indoors in winter. xxx

    • Awww Happy birthday – it’s always great to hear of birthday sharers. Our good friend George is also a 28th of August bday and Ian and her have a ‘special club’ they call ‘club 28’ – this would make a good blog post

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