Thou shalt have a fishy

fishy 1

Here’s some we caught earlier

So…… as we blogged yesterday about the joy of eating fish well…. what about the joys of catching fish? For the last few days we have been near the seaside (we’re home now :() and Ian decided to take his fishing kit! Now….. before you get impressed that the person with a previous fish allergy has ‘all the gear no idea’ you must know that Ian’s fishing gear was purchased a few years ago (before our year without supermarkets) in……. Poundland!

The rod is so small you can't actually see it hehe

The rod is so small you can’t actually see it hehe

Stood on the prom fishing were lots of pro’s and Ian…… with his teeny tiny rod. Needless to say he didn’t catch a thing 😦 but…… we did have more success on the whitebait front.fishy 3

Well we say success they were being washed up still alive on the beach so it was more fish picking than fishing.fishy 4 A quick wash a dusting of flour and a date with a pan and oil and those little fellows were ready for lemon and to be enjoyed by us all. What a pleasure delicious food for free from the sea. fishy 5