So after yesterday inadvertently writing a post all about meat we thought today we would write an ode to the fantastic fish!

fish 2Becksie grew up near the sea. Becksie loves fish, crustaceans and any other bits that can be described as seafood. Ian grew up in the middle of the country, and despite Ian’s family liking fish and Ian enjoying tuna pie as a boy by the time he got to university he was allergic to fish (well, he used to tell everyone he was allergic when in actual fact he just didn’t really like it).

Becksie spent many years convincing Ian that it was ok to eat fish and helping him get over 3 key fish-based traumas:

White fish with orange sauce served as a school dinner, very wrong.

Onion rings at an all you can eat buffet that turned out to be squid rings.

An extremley upset stomach after eating some mussels (although no one is sure if this was caused by the mussels or the mild concussion suffered c/o a door frame earlier in the day)

fish 3With much support Ian has moved past these (although mussels and squid are still a big no no) and now happily enjoys a few bits of fish. Those of you with eagle eyes and sharp memories may have noticed that we do not tend to buy a lot of fish. As we live fairly centrally in the country local fish is not so easy to come by, we have not found a local fishmonger and good fish at local markets tends to be a bit of an expensive luxury.

fish 4Writing last night’s post made us realise that we perhaps take the fact that we have can have meat every day for granted (although we realise how lucky we are that we can), and so perhaps the fact that for us fish is an out of the ordinary treat is a very good thing as we certainly appreciate it and enjoy it when we do have it!

All this talk of fish is making us want to take a trip to the seaside for some fish and chips!!fish 1