Today Team Pugh have seen everybody’s favourite vegetarian Uncle Liam, and in honour of such an occasion (and as we promised to do in response to a blog comment months ago) we thought we would share our thoughts on meat eating.

twist 3

Ian is, and always has been, a meat eater. Becksie is, and always has been a meat eater. Lizzie, by virtue of the decisions we make, is a meat eater. When Lizzie was first experiencing the joys of real food we decided that she would eat what we eat and that we wouldn’t cook her a separate meal. Sometimes we have had to change how we eat, no longer using lots of chilli in foods or honey for her first year, and we make less cous cous (so messy) and more pasta than we used to. What this does mean, however is that Lizzie has always eaten meat, and fish, and although she does not seem to miss it from a meal she always enjoys it.

Ian and Becksie eat meat because their families are meat eaters, because they like it and because they have no moral objections to it.

When we say that we like meat we are definitely underplaying it, we love meat. Ian gets seriously grumpy if he has not had meat at least once a day, and it is not even childish grumpiness, it upsets his whole body and impairs his functions! Cheese will do as a substitute for a day but not for too long.

Above we have said we have no moral objection to eating meat, which is true, but we try to be selective about the meat that we buy, buying only from places where we know the seller has looked after the animals well themselves or where they have been responsibly sourced. We know that this meat can be more expensive than the very cheap meat you can buy in the supermarket, but you can really taste the difference in quality, and it is harder to believe that the chicken you are eating has had a good life, been well cared for, respectfully treated and that the farmer is getting a fair deal if you are only paying £3.00 for it.

a good job done!

a self-butchery job!

We think it was the lovely Hugh FW who we heard say that taking his own animals to slaughter and then eating their meat does make him sad, but that they would not be alive if it was not for farming them for meat, and provided he knows he has given them a good life whilst they were with him he has done the best he can and feels happy being a meat eater. Now we do not have room to grow our own meat, however as long as we purchase our meat as responsibly as we can we feel ok about it.

vegetarianism 2

Happy pigs at Dews Meadow Farm!

So what started as a post about vegetarianism has become a post about meat, which is perhaps the best indication of how Team Pugh feel, one mention of vegetarianism and we start going on about meat! That said there are many lovely vegetable dishes that we all enjoy, they would just usually be improved with the addition of a sausage/some bacon/some chicken/a pork chop!

One thing that did occur whilst writing this is that one day Lizzie might decide to become a vegetarian. Obviously we will always support the decisions she makes in life, but she will have a hard time indeed trying to convert her mum and dad!