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Now we here at Team Pugh HQ like to talk about our supermarket-freeness. Hopefully you like to hear about it (we guess that you do if you keep reading?). We also like it when people tell us about their own supermarket-freeness, whether completely shunning the supermarkets or taking little steps we love to hear about how other people are changing their shopping habits.

Something that often comes up is veg boxes, they seem a popular way for others to shun the supermarkets but thus far since starting our supermarket-free adventure we have not found ourselves ordering one.

That doesn’t mean we are anti-veg box, in fact when we used to live in Birmingham we did have a weekly veg box order from a well known national company, which was always good quality, exciting to receive and always brought with it a little variety.

When we were setting out on our challenge we talked a little about veg boxes and decided that as part of our mission was to support local businesses we did not want to go back to ordering our previous veg box (although we have since found that a local organic farm do a very similar veg box offering).

veg box 2

We are also obviously doing this challenge to a budget, and as lovely as veg boxes are in terms of cost a trip to the fruit and veg man at the market will always win hands down.

This said, we do sometimes receive a veg box (well usually veg bag), direct from a local producer, either delivered or collected at a very reasonable price. Grandad Gray often donates a fine collection of veg to us (including beans!) for the very reasonable sum of ……cake!

A Grandad Gray Veg 'bag'!

A Grandad Gray Veg ‘bag’!


6 thoughts on “Veg boxes

  1. I love my VegBox Becksie…I took great care to find one that supplied locally grown produce as our market isn’t brilliant quality and they seem to struggle with local!…it suits me as I cant always get out anyway with caring least I know I always have some fantastic veg, fruit, milk and eggs turning up every week and its such fun and a challenge to use seasonal veg…don’t always know what it is!
    Im definately going to grow more myself next year and have herbs planted up in pots now…..mmm have to find a Grandad Gray…cake for veg sounds a fair swap!

    • Cake for veg is a great swap! glad you have managed to find a good local company that does good boxes, trying any food that you have not had before or are not sure what it is even is great fun!!

  2. I love veg boxes too, they are so gorgeous to look at too! But we shop at our local veg shop. Cirencester was without a veg shop for a while and we had to shop either at the organic farm shop or a supermarket. But now two fab veg shops have opened in the town and they are always busy. I think we’d hate to loose one again!

  3. Ive thought about a veg box often, but to be truthful we dont eat a lot of veg (naughty I know). However the local carboot have a fruit and veg lorry that always do a roaring trade as they are brilliant value. Im not too sure where the produce comes from but I think its Lincolnshire (not exactly down the road, but its not prepackaged and produced in Africa, so Im happy with that), tho one day Id love to be able to produce enough in our garden to be self sufficient in veg – well I can dream, sigh!

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