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Today we discuss the Full English!full english 1

What a delightful wonderful and yet a tad weird meal. Firstly it works at literally any time of the day. This is a real draw of its charm. Secondly no two people can make one the same. Thirdly it can be made to be healthy or really unhealthy and fourthly it brings with it its own kind of etiquette!

We shall no try to unravel some of these foibles:

Part 1

Sub part a

Bacon crunchy or not? Becksie is a not person, Ian is a mid crunchy kind of guy!

Sub part b

Smoked or unsmoked bacon? Team Pugh are firmly in the unsmoked column!!!

Sub part c

Bacon better than the sausage and therefore in an action where one has to chose 6 or 8 items more sausage or bacon? Becksie always extra bacon, Ian always extra sausage!

full english 4

Part 2

Sub part a

Beans or tomatoes? Ian is a beans boy, Becksie loves both but not merged which leads us to……

Sub part b

Is it acceptable to merge the beans and tomatoes? Becksie never ever – you must use a strong structured item as a wall – sausages work well. Ian is not all that offended by a merge.

Sub part c

Fresh tomatoes over tinned? Team Pugh say tinned please!

Part 3

Sub part a

White or brown toast? Ian’s thinks its all about the white, Becksie is mostly white but almost equally brown i.e. she can’t decide!

Sub part b

Hot or cold toast? Seems like a weird one but whilst thinking about this post Becksie realised that she adored toast that has gone cold and is buttered from cold to mop up bean and tomato juices. Ian is also a fan!

full english 2

Part 4

Sub part a

Coffee or tea as the beverage to wash it down? Becksie tea, Ian coffee.

Sub part b

Is orange juice required? Ian yes, Becksie no!

Part 5

Sub part a

Ketchup or brown sauce? Becksie brown sauce, Ian no sauce at all if you have beans!

Sub part b

Ketchup near beans? Jury is out! It’s bean brand dependent but mostly not ok for Becksie. Probably not an issue to Ian.

Part 6

Sub part a

Egg cooking method? Becksie would chose fried or poached and would avoid scrambled! Ian would also chose fried with second choice scrambled and be disappointed although not disgusted with a poached!

Sub part b

Runny or more set yolk! Becksie’s runny nearly set Ian runny runny runny!

full english 3

Part 7

Sub part a

Black pudding ok or not? We both adore black pudding!!

Part 8

Sub part a

Potato presence required? Becksie totally necessary, Ian take it or leave it.

Sub part b

If potatoes are allowed what form should that take? Becksie hash brown, Ian just fried!

So there you have it some Full English rules discussed! We know for a fact that we have only scratched the surface! Please leave us a comment with your thoughts and feelings on the matter! Is anyone else tempted to make a fry up whatever time of day you are reading this?

Ready for a 5 am airport fry-up, orange juice at the ready!

Ready for a 5 am airport fry-up, orange juice at the ready!


14 thoughts on “Full English

  1. Oooh a quiz! I am definitely an extra sausages, crunchy bacon and fresh tomato kind of person 🙂 Must come with lashings of both brown sauce AND ketchup, and scrambled eggs are definitely the best. Unmerged beans and cold toast are definitely good, although a bit of toast to sit my eggs on is obligatory! Tea during; coffee after; not much of a black pudding fan. White pudding is great though! Any kind of potatoes and juice is fine by me 😀 Not a big mushroom fan so can leave those out.

    You two strike me as being the kind of people that would enjoy this book: http://ferretfoodandwines.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/the-breakfast-bible-seb-emina-et-al/

  2. oh that was complicated if I had to think about all that I would never cook one just go with the flow and how you feel at the time of cooking and enjoy eating guilt free x

  3. I will eat anything especially if someone else has cooked it, but it HAS to be washed down with not just tea, but Assam tea. Yorkshire tea is mostly Assam and is fab. I wonder what other uses this research could be put to? Did you know that in Gulliver’s Travels politics is divided into those who eat their boiled eggs pointy end first or round end first.
    I liked the breakfast book, I’ll put that on my Christmas list (dare I say the C word in August?)
    It is strange isn’t it that such foodie folk as the French do not do proper breakfast!

    • I know 😀 Hubby is French and he prefers the English breakfast all the way! (In fact we’re off to one of only 2 M&S’s in France tomorrow for proper English bacon and sausage, at his behest 😀 )

  4. 2 Lincolnshire sausage (real Lincolnshire…from Lincolnshire), smoked bacon not crisp just pink, big fresh tomato in half well cooked with a little salt, fried egg runny yolk no un-cooked white, black pudding, well fried mushrooms (5), hash browns (2), white toast with real butter. Sweet but strong ground coffee. Sheer heart attack but better than choking on dry old Swiss stuff.

    Or for a real treat. Wetherspoon’s 2 Egg Benedicts with a pint of dark beer, Bateman’s Mocha is ideal. Love it.

    Only British know how to breakfast. Floppy croisant and jam is only fit for a snack and rolls with skin graft ham and plastic cheese only fit for adverts for Belgium.

  5. We had egg, beans, bacon and potato wedges for tea and my 9 year old said ‘Hooray! Breakfast!’

    Bacon- mid-crispy, probably unsmoked but like both. Definitely more bacon than sausage.
    Tinned tomatoes rather than beans, don’t mind a merge. Certainly not worried enough to organise my plate to stop it 🙂
    Hot toast, probably white with a cooked breakfast. Though the more I think about it, you have a point about cold toast at the end….
    Coffee if at breakfast time, otherwise black tea. No juice or sauce of any kind.
    Definitely NOT scrambled egg with beans or tomatoes. Bleargh! Fried or poached, with a runny yolk. Actually, could I have two?
    Black pudding and potatoes can take or leave. Would choose fried over hash browns. After a trip to the US years ago, we occasionally cook ‘homefries’ for breakfast after having them in a fab breakfast diner- basically sauteed potatoes with fried onion (and peppers the way this restaurant did them)- very good with a fried or poached egg. Not very English, but nice 🙂
    Forgot black pudding! I like it but it’s all made with imported dried blood which I’m not keen on, so I don’t have it very often.

    Phew! Think that’s it!

  6. I could write a dissertation on this… but you know my thoughts. Best to put it all on separate plates. Stu puts beans on toast then fried egg on top then ketchup. It makes me wretch.

    Also bacon should be smoked you weirdos and so overdone it snaps.

  7. We are partial to brunner (breakfast for dinner) in this house. I’ll have whatever I can rustle up from the fridge but the golden rule is nothing tomato based mixed with, or in proximity of egg yolk – it’s the colour mix I can’t bear.

  8. There are obviously as many breakfast combinations as people!! Always bacon (smoked), fried egg (though poached and scrambled are acceptable) and mushrooms, fried potatoes (or home fries as our American cousins call them) are good, fresh grilled or fried tomatoes. NEVER beans or ketchup/brown sauce. I don’t ‘get’ black pudding (and yes, I’ve tried it). Toast after and lots of good hot tea, Don’t do it often but love it, especially when cooked by someone else (which only happens if we’re in a hotel!)

  9. Daisy’s Grandam is winning here so far for me! Concur with the (crispy!) smoked bacon, but more sausage for me :-). And actually, I’m more poached egg than fried, and most of all scrambled if myself or my mum have made them! Mushrooms = awesome, some potato supplement = awesome (I seem to remember a potato cake post by your good selves not so long ago?), fresh tomatoes as above also = awesome but I’m happy with beans too, noooooooooooo sauce thanks.definitely NOT required! also completely agree with the toast after and washed down with lovely fresh tea…..MAN I am hungy now!!!

  10. Yep the best of breakfast of all is the Great British Breakfast – these days I only have it as a treat on holiday. My bacon must always be crispy and I would always want more bacon than sausage and black pudding is absolute no no. I prefer a poached egg and it must be served on a hot piece of buttered toast. Not a fan of tomatoes but baked beans and mushrooms (fresh not tinned) are a must too. Hash browns or saute potatoes are an added bonus.

    The only continental breakfast I like is the one that I was lucky enough to have whilst travelling across Canada on a train – I ordered the pancakes with maple syrup and it came with huge slices of melon and loads of bacon that was so crispy you could snap it, the whole lot smothered in maple syrup was just divine – if you haven’t had maple syrup drizzled over bacon then you haven’t lived – it is to die for LOL!!!

    • Sadly nothing continental about that breakfast! At least the French never have pancakes for breakfast, and the thick American breakfast pancakes are very different. It is lush though, got to say 😀

  11. Hmm, I think I’d go extra bacon (fairly crispy) with fresh tomatoes, hash browns, black pudding and fried eggs with poached as a second choice. And yes, I definitely do now want a cooked breakfast 😀

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