Date and walnut Scones

So……today Becksie and Lizzie decided to make scones.scone 8

They preheated the oven to 200c and…….promptly discovered they were out of the right flour!!! Now at this point they could have given up but after a chat about having already used the energy to heat up the oven they decided to modify the recipe and make scones with a twist. We decided to use some wholemeal flour we had lurking in the panty and to make them interesting add dates and walnuts. Isn’t it funny how some flavours just belong together: Rhubarb and custard, strawberries and cream, maple and pecan……….date and walnut! YUM!scone 4

So here’s what we did:

Take 225grams of wholemeal flour (plain would work just as well)

Add 1 tablespoon of baking powder, half a teaspoon of salt, 30grams of sugar. If you aren’t lazy sift it, if you are (like Lizzie and Becksie) get a fork and stir it up.scone 1

Then…… rub in 55 grams of butter until you have what looks like breadcrumbs. scone 5Add a handful of chopped dates and a handful of chopped walnuts and ¼ pint of milk. Bring it together until you have a firm dough.

scone 6Turn the dough out onto the work top and flat with your hand ensuring the dough is about 1.5 cm deep. Cut out and place the scones on a greased (or if your lazy like Becksie and Lizzie a silicon) baking sheet. Dust with flour and bake in a hot oven for about 10 minutes until firm and lightly golden.

scone 7Enjoy with butter, cream or jam or…..if your greedy like Becksie, Lizzie and Ian all three!scone 2


15 thoughts on “Date and walnut Scones

  1. Sounds lovely but…I think you’ll find there’s a bit of a difference between a panty and a pantry 😉 The joys of proofreading, eh?! Hopefully by the time others read my comment you’ll have fixed it :p

    • I don’t think Becksie does this blog for the grammar side of things…a little unfair to point out one tiny mistake 😦 your scones sounds amazing Becksie and I wish I had a panty like yours! 😉 xx

    • As we’ve previously explained about our mistakes we are a) not going to explain again and b)……. not correcting it as it is obvious what we mean! 😉 🙂 😉 Many thanks

    • I agree with Jenny – it really doesn’t matter and anyone who can’t see past those, what I think are, rather charming mistakes is missing the point of the blog. Kudos to Becksie for blogging every evening and giving us a snapshot of life with the Pugh family 😄! x x PS Becksie, I love the shape of your scone cutter 😄!

    • When I go into people houses, sometimes I notice that a painting or a picture on their wall isn’t hung straight, it drives me crazy. My job means that on a daily basis I go into a lot of people’s houses as well as offices and care homes. I see it all the time and the urge to just tip the frame to the left or to the right can be overwhelming… I look away but I know it’s still not level. On Monday I was in a corridor where I had been asked to wait for somebody and I saw this painting of a woodland that was out by about 45 degrees. I found it really stressful and I probably had time to adjust it… but I didn’t. The reason I didn’t is that I know it’s my problem, not the person that owns the house. It’s my fault that I let it wind me up so much. The nurse I was waiting for had probably got a thousand things to do and every one of them was far more important than straightening a picture. Also, if she caught me doing it she might have been offended or have thought I was being unkind. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t mark people’s homework if they don’t ask you to. 🙂

  2. Panty/Pantry – what’s an ‘r’ between friends!! Looking forward to Thursday! Who knows what blogging possibilities our road trip might bring! (tho not as funny as the broken chair and my daughter!!)

  3. Typos really aren’t worth commenting on, particularly when the meaning is obvious. I often wonder though, who actually wrote the first grammar book; who decided was what was grammatical and what wasn’t; who decided grammar should exist in the first place. Our language and spelling has evolved over thousands of years so who stepped in to first use the word Grammar and pronounce what was right and what was wrong.

  4. I agree with Mary’s comment above. As a gardener I often visit people’s gardens and see what to me are glaring mistakes. I sometimes realise that they waste lots of time by going about it the wrong way and some of the attempts at pruning I have seen make me want to weep…but and it is a big but, I never comment as it is their garden and I realise that my professional opinion would not be helpful….. unless I were asked for it.

    I also realise that as a professional I am paid to devote my time to what I do. They are often just busy people who work hard in their little spare time to make the best of their garden. It would be very rude to tell them that they were making mistakes (in my professional opinion). I just encourage them and am genuinely pleased that they are making the world a prettier place.
    So carry on making the world a better place Team Pugh. You are grate (sic)

  5. Your scone recipe made the best date and walnut (well I used pecans) scones I have ever tasted! With recipes like this who gives a toss about your spelling.

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